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    Don't be so quick to say no to a nebulizer. My daughter has one for asthma, but seems to have outgrown the need for anything. The nebulizer can be used with plain saline (you can use saline for contact lenses) and does not HAVE to be medication. My daughter was about the same age when we got it. SCREAMED the first time the nurses gave it to her. They quickly get used to it. You can also use one without the mask. Just let them inhale the vapor (hold it right under the nose). I could give my daughter neb treatments while she was sleeping this way.
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    However my experience is with people on both ends of the age spectrum....the young ones usually do better than the old ones. LOL

    You don't have to use the mask (for either age)...the regular inhaler tip can be waved under the nose of a sleeping child or one resting in your lap, if they balk at the mask. I CAN tell you that the nebulizer helps break up the congestion in the lungs and keeps the disease from progressing from brochitis to pneumonia (sp). (that is why they give it to the elderly, cuz breathing problems cause so many deaths in the elderly)

    I used to hold the mask on the face of my napping young charge....he had asthma that acted up when he got a cold....it worked wonderfully....and it can take as few as 7 minutes for the medication to be administered (or as long as 15, but really given how long a hospital ED visit can take, 15 minutes twice a day is NOTHING)
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    Err...I'm guilty of this. Spent the whole day walking around in my fall jacket. I didn't even feel the cold and never realized I didn't have my heavy barn coat on! I joked with everyone that I was just too used to the cold from standing outside with the birds. The one leghorn 'chick' that I got from Meyer's this summer loves me and jumps onto my shoulder every time I go out there so I just end up standing out there for a half hour enjoying the birds because I feel mean if I move her :rolleyes:
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    I do this as well. It's cold if you see me in a wrap, and it's frigid if I'm in a coat. If there's no wind like tonight, I'll go outside in a T-shirt and sweater and think nothing of it. Mind you, I'm insulated like an Arctic mammal - others' mileage may vary. [​IMG]
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    I do not like to wear very heavy coats and do chores. I find it is to cumbersome. I do line my gloves though because the manure fork is o degrees and the wheelbarrow handles are 0 degrees and my hands freeze. I find that wearing good log john...Polypropolene(sp) work very well for me. However, while I did not see the high schoolers that Tab saw get off the bus, I would venture a guess that they were NOT wearing long johns of ANY sort!! Stay warm all!!

    OK. I have a question for thought. Maybe someone knows the answer. When one supplements light in the AM(or whatever) for their chickens(chickens are outside during the day) is it the actual light that brings them back into lay? Or is it the fact that while roosting they do not eat or drink, so that when light is added, they can have more food?

    Thoughts? Ideas? Other such deep thought encouraging questions?
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    I don't remember where I read it but I remember that somewhere it was said that chicken's egg laying is hormonal and it takes (sun)Light to start those hormones running through their little bodies. This was said in response to someone asking why their flock laid fewer eggs when there were a series of cloudy, glummy days in a row. Not sure how expert the writer of the response was, but it does seem that in the summer if we have several cloudy days in a row the egg counts are down and when the sun shines again the egg count picks up.

    It makes sense to me when I think about when it would be best to hatch chicks in the wild....you would want to do it when it was sunny and warm, not when it was dark and cold. Despite what some of us want to beleive, chickens were once wild animals and survived without human intervention for thousands of years. (albeit they were in warmer climates where food was more readily available year round and human bred them for less temperate climates throughout the years and put them in little houses with supplimental feed and now we are supplimenting their light to get their bodies to do what we want them to)
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    I absolutely agree with you on what we have done to chickens! Mine are outside now, huddled together standing on one foot looking at me as if I ordered this 0 degree weather....

    OK, another question then. If it is sunlight they need, why does lighting with a bulb(what do people use incandescent? Fluorescent?) work??
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    Thanks for the info ChickPrincess and Cass. Neither one of us were very familiar with it, but we do know little girls temperment! If she doesn't show improvement within the next couple days, we will try the nebulizer. And something with my insurance said it needed to be delivered, can't just pick one up at the nebulizer store.
    Now for the lighting question. The hormones are related to day length, although the extra feed/water consumption helps. In horses, mares don't have heat cycles in winter and the hair coat grows/sheds with daylight. That is why they start shedding in February even though it is still frigid. The thoroughbred industry also uses supplemental lighting for breeding, so the mares can be bred for January foals. Thoroughbreds and some other breeds designate January 1 as the official birthday, regardless of actual birth date. So when racing, a January foal is more desirable than a late spring foal.
    And I wear long sleeve tee, sweatshirt, jeans, insulated bibs, hooded sweatshirt and carhart jacket. And knit gloves because I like to keep my hands flexible to pick up eggs or buckle blankets. since I'm home today, I'll be making a water and egg gather trip today.

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