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    I scramble up an egg and microwave it for about 50 seconds on high. Walmart sells a little plastic hinged container that forms the egg into the perfect size for an english muffin and keeps it from flying all over if it "pops". I suppose you could use a large custard dish or any little round dish of the right size. You cook the egg, throw a slice of cheese on top (if you like cheese), and then put the meat on top if you want to add it. I have used two half slices of cooked bacon, canadian bacon, and deli sliced ham. If you have leftover ham from a roast you could use little slices or probably dice it and sprinkle on top. By the time I put six of them together and wrap them in waxed paper like you would a sandwich they are mostly cool, so I slip them into sandwich bags to keep my frost free freezer from sucking them dry and stack them all into the original muffin bag. They keep quite a while and taste a lot better than the things you get at the grocery store.

    I keep my eyes peeled for sales on english muffins and usually end up with a dozen (minus the one I eat while putting them together). I found that they are just fine without toasting the muffin first and that sped the process up considerably. Take one out of the freezer, take it out of the sandwich bag, and heat it in the mocrowave while it is still wrapped in the wax paper. It gets pretty hot, so be careful when tearing open the wax paper. You could put almost anything you want on them I would imagine. I used a little leftover shredded cheese from stuffed shells to sprinkle on some of them. There wasn't enough to make anything else with and didn't want to waste it.
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    Well you have to post pics. Or do a Youtube video. [​IMG]

    My DD says I shouldn't be on here with all the women but I'm a House Husband mostly and DW doesn't always feel like making dinner when she gets home. I know none of the women here understand what that feels like. I've had to learn a lot of new things since I retired. If I didn't keep busy I'd go crazy.

    They say retirement is half as much money and twice as much husband. [​IMG]
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    I have a client /patient that eats the Jimmy Dean brand of this type of thing almost every day. She buys them frozen in the supermarket and then wraps them in paper towels to microwave, each morning.

    I am pleased to hear that they can be made at home...I might have to fix some up and take a break from cereal for breakfast.
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    I got a genuine "LOL" at your compare / contrast on chickens vs. dogs/cats. That was hilarious, and kinda true, but I just love my dogs to bits. I am already loving my chickens and didn't even get them. [​IMG] I've always had dogs and cats, often simultaneously. But hubby is not an appreciator of cats. Our last mellow yellow tiger died about 4 or 5 years ago. Hubby said since we had cats for the 1st 17 years of our marriage, we must remain cat-free for 17 more to make it fair. ha! OK, I'm getting chickens, so I don't care. [​IMG] na-na-na-na-poo-poo!

    Don't let sour puss bother you over 1 chick and an honest mistake. Some people are just that way.

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    Depending on the age of the little one, and how rebellious in nature she is, it might be well worth your time to have dad or whomever is most familiar with the gun teach her about it, with a very heavy emphasis on safety and respect. I grew up in a household with firearms, and even though they were kept in a locked safe, even if they were not, safety was SO drilled into my young mind by my father that I couldn't even fathom messing around with a gun! I am thankful that my dad showed me guns, drilled the rules of safety into my mind, and made sure that I understood how very serious a gun is and that I must always respect it. In my mind growing up, being safe and treating guns seriously was as important and as impressed in my mind as other important things, such as never going with strangers.

    I recall being 12 and hunting with my cousin (both of us supervised by my father), and chiding him sternly when I felt he was not being as safe as he could be.

    Of course you want to take other measures to make sure that things are kept safe. A gun safe and/or keeping the ammo in a lockbox that is out of reach are good steps!
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    Don't forget about trigger locks! Cheap, and another safety step if you want it.

    Still at 6/6 eggs developing (we think, the green ones are hard to see through). [​IMG]
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    She is a bit young yet, only 2 and 1/2, but she is a redhead with the attitude to match. I grew up with guns in the house, but was taught to never touch them. Most I have ever handled a gun was to grab one to hand to my dad when there was a raccoon, possum or cat-sized rat in the cow barn. Or coyotes getting too close. I know, pretty sad for country girl. Hubby has taken hunter safety course, but I don't always trust his judgement when it comes to stuff like that. And he has poor aim with a gun, better with bow and arrow which we do have in the basement. I'm all for gun ownership in the right hands. Yes, I know I should learn how to handle and shoot, that is on the long list of things I should be doing.
    Hubby's family are hunters, but that is also where I get my worry for safety. Example: someone pulled out a gun to show everyone in the house, hold it up and all, then find that it was put away still loaded.
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    I agree with you, Nam. My children were brought up that way as was my husband was because his father was a cop. Instead hiding it, they were raised to know how to handle a gun and respect it. Both my daughter and son handle guns with ease and respect. Me, I keep a .22 handy for those stupid squirrels. I should learn how to skin one so they don't go to waste.

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