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    Jan 3, 2013
    There may seem to be more hawks around because of the migration push -- hopefully, you won't have them be as big (frequent) a threat as the season progresses. I would think this is incredibly nerve wracking for free rangers, and I'm a huge bird lover.

    AQHA, your dogs sound like good boys. I'm hoping my two big guys will help keep some of the local wildlife from getting too close to my coop. They pee all over the place, but I'm not so sure that's a big deterrent, as we still catch lots of wildlife on our game cam. I think it will be more of an advantage to just have them present for much of the day. By the way, I'm assuming you've got a QH? I've got a 22-y/o appendix QH. He's also a very good boy!

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    Jan 3, 2013
    Unit Zappa [​IMG]

    (wow, that was a long time ago!)

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    They're all locked up now. I wishy dog would stay outside with them alone and without us and continue to follow them around like he does but the minute we go back inside he's right there in our shadows.

    I tried putting Stella, my lavender Orp in with the silkies after locking them up. Duncan my Silkie roo tried mounting her immediately and was unsuccessful. She's almost twice the size of him, how does he think he's going to manage that one? Other than that, the others didn't seem mind too much. Let her out tho as she was frantically looking for her partner in crime who I couldn't catch to also put in there. I'll try again later...
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Over Miami
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    Mar 16, 2013
    I am newish here and looking for some eggs to use for a Teen program at our library where I am the Youth Librarian. I have had chickens for years and LOVE everything about them but would like to get some new breeds. I have Buff Orpingtons and Americanas. Don't judge my spelling, sorry! I tried ordering some eggs the last couple of years and they are so unlucky. All the eggs I find locally hatch out but never the mailed ones. I am guessing it's just not a great way to get eggs. Is there a swap around the Binghamton area or do any of you sell eggs for hatching? We have a modest budget but I can pay for the eggs. Thanks so much.
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    Sep 11, 2010
    blue and red make purple
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    Mar 9, 2012
    Welcome! Do you want certian breeds or just mutts? I'm not too far from you, in Marathon, Cortland County. I have two Gold Laced Wyandotte boys in with 2 EE, 1 blue Orp, 1 black Orp, 2 red sex link, 1 GLW, 1 black Australorp, and 4 Anconas. And I will be getting chicks from Tab sometime, we could coordinate transport of eggs too. They have some nice projects and breeds.
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    First day of collecting eggs for the Grade School hatch. Got 14 eggs. Now how come I never get that many when I am collecting eggs to SELL? Hmm? Do they know that these eggs are going to become babies? I am not going to be doing the hatching but I am going to be very interested in seeing if the tiny D'uccle eggs hatch. I mean these things are just a little bigger then Quail eggs. They may not be fertile, cuz my roos are both LF and may not be able to get down that low. [​IMG]

    A Red Tail hawk has been spotted around here. I am going to redouble my efforts to get the local crows to live in my trees. I love birds of prey, as long as they aren't preying on my chickens.

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