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    If you have foxes and hawks around and know that they are a danger to your chickens, I would move to having them in a covered totally fenced run most of the time, but allow them to free range when you will be around to keep an eye on them and hopefully intervene if something happens. That's the best compromise - they still get to free range, but at the same time they are mostly safe from predators. It sounds like free ranging all the time just isn't feasible where you are without losing your birds. And the scary thing about foxes is they don't just kill what they want to eat at one time. They will come back and take bird after bird after bird to make a cache, even if there's no way they could eat them all before they rot. You could lose your whole flock at once to one fox that just keeps coming back for more birds to stash.

    So I would recommend a good solid covered run with supervised free range time when possible.
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    Thanks for the advice. And no, I haven’t lost one this year. They are way too young to be out. They’re just chilling in their coop for the next month or so. I only just moved them out there a week ago. Perhaps going with a permanent run structure with a roof is the best way to go. I was looking at coops and runs on https://lancasterchickencoop.com and since they are a little pricey, I was thinking I'd build something similar [if the weather will EVER cooperate].
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    I have built enclosures with an open roof but have strung plastic tape from side to side in a random pattern to keep hawks from swooping in.
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    oooohhh, that sounds like a really great idea! and less expensive than building a roof on a run [obviously they will have access to shade]. i think that when i first started raising chickens i wanted to make sure they were totally free range, so they would be able to explore and find their little bug treats, but after i lost the last hen that i lost, i started thinking that i was going to have to put up a perimeter fence around the sections of our yard where i know the fox are coming from. but building a large run makes a lot more sense. they'll still get to move around and be protected AND not dig up all of my flower beds, which would be pretty cool too. i kind of gave up on having garden beds around the house, which wasn't a big deal - but they'd be nice to have again. i am in the process of planning my second coop, so planning a large run won't be much more work. instead of a barn raising, i should have a coop raising at my house! haha. free food and drinks for everyone!
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    Is anyone selling Cream Legbar eggs in the Rochester, New York area?
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    You can also put a large tarp on the top...we did that with our run / coop . Then later we added a real roof and divided it into 2 coops
    Heres my coop
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    Hi! some people have dogs to protect their free ranging chickens. Maybe when they are outside of their new run (supposing you take others' suggestions to let them out when you're able to supervise them), maybe your dog can help you protect them. Unless, of course, they need protection from him!:D
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    This works: PICT0245.JPG
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    I am sorry that you took offense, Weighted. These are your words not mine. What was I to think?

    " but it happens where we live and it's to be expected being as they're free range. anyway, "
    " thinking about making the area a little more secure, "
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    Hi all
    Tonight I jumped up at 845pm realizing that I forgot to shut the coop. Long story short , I stopped a fox from entering my coop by seconds. I did a head count and all were fine.
    I noticed the fox running towards my bird feeder as I looked out the window. On top of the snow I could see the fox booking. My question is will fox eat birdseed/ cracked corn?
    I’m wondering if the fox has been eating the seeds that fell all winter? The fox knew exactly where it was going. From the feeders , it made a dash to the coop entrance. I was lucky tonight , very lucky! This was my first encounter with a fox and I have to say... I don’t underestimate them!
    Would a fox eat birdseed in the dead of winter?
    I’m aware of the issues bird feeders bring, I’m just puzzled about the fox right now. I realize how cunning fox are and lots of times unstoppable, now I’m concerned about my other pets. Any feedback would be appreciated

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