NY-Toggenburg/Nigerian cross doelings


Emu whisperer
Jan 2, 2017
Lake Pleasant, NY
Offering for sale three Toggenburg/Nigerian cross doelings. They were born in January this year so are ready to breed this winter. All three are sisters and all three are as different as night and day. The first doelings is a two tone polled with wattles. She is the largest of the three and is beautifully put together. Would make a nice milker for someone looking for a medium size goat. Very well mannered but not in your face doeling. Asking $200. Next doeling is a white that's been dehorned with bands so still has nubs. She is super friendly and very stocky! Would be another great milker or a pet for kids. Just loves to be around people. Asking $175. Last doeling is a very small two tone. She has had her horns banded and one came off but she keeps getting the band off the other so still trying. Prefer this one goes to a pet home as she was super tiny at birth and had trouble and just stayed small. She is a in your face pet me, and just wants all the attention. Would be a phenomenal pet for a child or a companion for other small animals. Asking $100. Take all 3 for $400. I don't want them to go for meat and I don't want tire kickers. I don't have time for nonsense. Thanks

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