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  1. This evening a posting on Craig's List caught my eye. Someone in my area is selling oats for $5.50/50# bag.

    My DH thinks this is a good price.

    Would it be ok to add the oats to the starter/grower for my chicks?


  2. How old are they? Oats are one of the higher protein grains, but it may not be enough for your chicks depending on age. Oats are usually included in scratch grain for adult birds.
  3. The oats were recently harvested. They are harvesting grains in our area at this time.

    My chicks are 12 weeks old, 9 weeks old and 8 weeks old.

    Can I use the oats as a treat for them?
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    They are about 20% hulls so that's very high-fiber for a chicken feed. And, that's not talking about a starter diet.

    Richard J. Julian, University of Guelph, Ontario, says 5% of diet or 30% of diet, dehulled, "maximum recommended." But once again, they aren't talking about chicks.

    4. Alternative Feeds

    It sounds, however, like your chicks are reaching the adolescent stage. A little might be okay.

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    I cook up a big bowl of oatmeal for my chickens once a week. They love it! It's kinda funny how they will stick their entire beak into the oatmeal and wind up with oats all over the sides of their faces...then go running to find something to rub up against to clean their self

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