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    I know wheat will produce more chicken heat than most other grains and should cut back on it in summmer. do oats do the same thing or something else? got about 50kgs of it in a empty silo which was used for sheep feed. i can not crush it or roll it or whatever. do i need to do that or is the pointy ends harmless? should i use it?
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    Hi cluckin tractor! I'd feed it the chickens, but I'd mix it in with the other things I'm feeding them. I have no idea if oats make heat like corn, but I feed my girls oats (hulled) occasionally here where it's probably hot like where you are and I haven't seen any ill effects. I don't think the pointy ends of the hulls will hurt them either. If you're worried about that, you could sprout the grains. Maybe someone else having experience with this will chime in.
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    Grains do NOT make heat. Theres some good threads here about that. I have oats as the basis of my scratch feeds; the girls love them, just regular whole oats.
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    a friend has a silo full of oats and I was asked if I wanted a few sacks of it. I wasn't sure if they could have them so now that I know those are ok I think I will take a few sackfuls and just mix it with their scratch... thanks for posting, and thanks to those who answered :-D
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    I buy regular plain oats and add it to my scratch, which is cracked corn and wheat. They love it!

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