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So we had started out this spring (2019) with 3 ducks, one rouen (Bandit) and two khaki campbells, Zoey and Lourdes. Bandit and Zoey were practically conjoined - never separating from each other. Lourdes was much smaller and more timid but seemed happy just to follow behind the two as they all roamed the property daily. They all shared a coop and a pool and there were no issues.
About two weeks ago, Bandit disappeared, only leaving feathers behind shortly before we put them in for the night. We didn't see or hear anything but Zoey and Lourdes were definitely shaken by the experience. We believe something snuck up on them and grabbed her right from their pool.
Then, two days ago, Lourdes was hit by a car. Now Zoey is acting very strange. She walks around, quacking, bobbing her head, and then holding her head low to her chest, stretching out her neck, back and forth. She's has never done this before and we're wondering if she is just traumatized by the losses? or angry? Or is she attempting to attract another duck? Any advice or thoughts is much appreciated.
We plan to pick up a male khaki tomorrow morning in hopes this will bring her some peace and happiness...
I am so sorry for your losses. If I was you I’d get another female drakes can be very tough on just one ducks. 2 levels the playing field better. As for the way she is acting it’s probably a combination of all grief because she has no flock and is lost with out them and hormones because she is use to bowing and wanting to mate. I hope she isn’t out wandering around unprotected. What ever snatched your duck from the pool will def be back.
I'm sorry for your losses!

Security is a necessity! I concur with Miss Lydia above. Also, when you introduce one or more new ducks, be prepared to separate them within sight of each other in case they don't get along immediately. They often need time to get to know and feel safe with each other before being left together unsupervised. This is especially true if you are adding more than one to a single duck.

Your duck has been traumatized by the attack and the loss of her mate. Ducks are prey animals and feel security in numbers. She will benefit from duck company, but not from having more visits from predators or too abrupt an introduction to new ducks.
Agree with the above posts! Sounds like your girl is missing her buddies :( Sorry to hear about the other 2, that's really tough luck. You may be on to something suggesting she is trying to attract a new mate! I know the head bobbing is definitely their way of flirting and making it known they are willing to mate.

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