Odd color of peachick


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9 Years
Oct 27, 2010
Greensburg, Indiana
I hatched some peachicks for a friend of mine and one of the chicks hatched out completely white. But now that it's 2 months old it is getting some light brown feathering in the wings. I have seen her adults and she has 2 India Blue cocks and one india blue hen and one Piede hen. I would love to know what this chick will be. It's beautiful and very unusual. Thanks!!!!
Hi patti'speeps'
I think you have a Black-shouldered peachick. BS peachicks hatched out creamy, but had black shoulders at 3 year old. Peafowls change colours as they grow bigger.

In order to get Black Shoulder peachicks the parents would have to be or split to Black Shoulder, if you could post some pictures of both the parents and peachick this would help us identify the chick.

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