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    So I have had my chickens for about a week... I got them from a farmer who had all 6 together, but when i brought them home it became apparent that one hen was the odd lady out. In my new member post, members suggested that she may just be low on the pecking order, but she has such different behaviour from the other hens. She doesn't make much noise, likes to hid away from the other chickens, and roosts alone in a nesting box rather than up high with all the rest of them. I worry that she wont get enough food or water, but i don't know how to make the others 'like' her. I just don't feel like she is a happy chicken[​IMG]

    any help would be much appreciated!

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    I had the same thing with my girls when i got three more and introduced them with the others, the red ones would pick on her, chase her, jump on her back and pull feathers!

    I would sit in there every afternoon for about an hour to get to interact... And every time i saw the little gal' get attacked i would chase the female around or spray a little water on her, and after awhile (about three-four days) she seems just another member! Now there is nearly any attacks!
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    She just sounds like she's got a really bad case of being picked on. It happens sometimes, once I remember we had a chicken that the others would peck on the head, it was really not pleasant! There's really not much you can do to make the others like her, but by giving her a second lot of water and food so she can eat without too much stress, spending time with her, etc. you can make her a little more comfortable. I agree with AllyJane, giving any tormentors a good shove kinda gives them a taste of their own medicine, as long as you don't hurt them. :p Sometimes you just have to leave them to it. Good luck.
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