Odd question: 2 month old with 2 week olds


6 Years
May 12, 2016
Today I got a 2 month old orpington chick... I have 4 hens outside (all orpingtons). One hen has 2.5 week old chicks, 6 of them. They're Ameraucanas. Growing fast. I tried to put the 2 month old outside and they freaked out. They of course tried to establish pecking order but he's so small.

He's inside. Also inside I have three 2.5 week old silkies from this hatch. One is 3 weeks from a friend. Mama hen won't accept the red silkie I brought inside to be with the white chick I raised from a smashed egg (I posted all that here). She's the only red chick. So when I put them with the chicks outside she gets attacked and the other 2 light silkies won't leave her. They're inside too.

Would it be a good idea to place the 2 month old chick with the 2.5 & 3 week old silkies? There are 3 of them. I watched them today and the silkies pecked on the big chick and he pecked on them a bit but they all ate together and slept near each other. I thought perhaps if they bonded then they would have each other when it's time to be integrated? Thoughts? Very complex situation...
You could try, but frankly I'd say having a bigger brooder is important. Do you think you could get a hold of another couple of 2 month old chicks for him to bond with? That may be easier on him (and your silkies) - just a thought.
No option for another chicken. I'm at my limit. I'm even selling 90% of the chicks. So I should separate them? I keep debating... not sure what's best.
I've not had this experience, so I'm not comfortable in making any suggestions. I'd think leaving them as they are for now, pending feedback from other members that do have experience in handling this kind of issue is possibly the best way forward.
I had a 1 month old standard sized cockerel with a few day old bantam chick. It actually worked pretty well. :)
This is when I first got them.
This is from today. The bantam won't leave the big one's side. :)

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