Odd Request from daughter in the middle of the night


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Oct 30, 2008
My daughter, who is going to be three if a few weeks, woke up in the middle of the night last night. I heard her cry, and figured I'd just let her be to figure out what was going on. She's up a lot during the night lately. Well, she got out of bed and came to find us. My side of the bed is closest to the door, so I generally handle the middle of the night problems. I asked her what she needed, and she mumbled something. I couldn't understand, so I asked her again and told her to speak loudly so I could hear her. She wanted a high five. So I put my hand out, she hit it, and went right back to bed. I'm still shaking my head over that one.

Have you had odd requests like that before?

I don't think she was sleep walking, as she answered my requests. I mean, I'm happy that I didn't actually have to get out of bed, but it's just strange.
My son would have a bad dream like fighting (yelling) stuff like that and he would want a hug or kiss and yes even a hight five for comfort. High fives are we they do something good. So I'm sure it gave her all she needed to know everything was fine.
Hope this helps.

Trouble spelling when hatching is going on.
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probably was a dream that she woke from where she was asking for a high 5, my son has had some strange requests when he has funny dreams and wakes up. Since I co-sleep I hear all of them.
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not a kid... but last night DH kept taking my pillows(I have several) and finally I asked him what he was doing.. He says he was looking for something. I said what ... and he says a scarecrow something. I told him its not under my pillow and he says it was in the garden (we have no garden) .I told him we are not in the garden we are in bed. very strange. I think he has been playing to much Farmville.
Yeah, we do high fives for a job well done around here, as well. So she probably just woke up from a bad dream and needed a little comfort to know that everything was okay. I've just never had a request like that before.
Oh I am SO glad those days are past.

Our kids never made noise when they were up... they're sneaky like dad you see.
So, you would be sleeping peacefully, and then open your eyes and AHHHHHHHHHHH because there was someone 6" from your face staring at you.

And it was always ME... my side was the 'outside' one too... I'd scream, then kiddo would scream, then I'd pant, then kiddo cries, THEN dad wakes up with a snort and says "what's going on?"

I can
at it now, but back then it was a
my son suffered from night terrors. he would walk around as if awake, would talk, yell, see things, he never remembered anything, It was kind of scary. He did this all the way through high school. One night he moved all his bedroom furniture into the hallway it took 2 of us to put it back. Just to let you know he turned into a brilliant math teacher and all is well.
my lil sis does that sometimes, las week she got up and asked for some olive oil,
mum asked her what it was for and she shouted: uuggghhh, mummy, we are going to be late for the train,
mum said: what? go back to bed (all of this happened in the dark)
surya said: but the pepper !!!! and went to bed

just thing she does

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