Odd stuff in Rooster's eyes

Liz Birdlover

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6 Years
Jan 6, 2018
Delaware, USA
So I have Rocky my Rooster, he's an old man now, 7 or 8 yrs old Barred Rock.
He's a little slower, a little stiff, but he still likes to put on his Rooster show for the ladies.
I saw something white, inner corner of his eye, so I checked him over. It looked like a little piece of rubber...weird! I got it out, then checked his other eye & found a smaller one. So...not rubber, but I guess hardening mucous? It resembles a sliver of cottage cheese curd. I put on a piece of bark here to get a photo.
Rocky has no respiratory issues, Crows great, inside beak is healthy looking, his nares are clear, eyes look fine, his weight is great, so I just don't know what this is...no one else has anything like this.
Anyone ever see this kind of thing before? 20220615_204734.jpg

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