Offical 2020 BYC Halloween Hatch-Along


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Aug 1, 2015
I'm swearing too. I set 28 eggs on the night of the 10th. I've collected two dozen more eggs since then but I keep telling myself, I don't have anywhere to go with more birds. Perhaps I could sell some but I also think we're due for molt and a dearth of eggs so we should just eat them.
Hey, more birds to select from helps ensure a stronger breeding program, right? Sounds like a good enough reason to set them... that is, if you have enough coop space.

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Aug 14, 2017
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I have 92 coturnix eggs set end of day 10/12, so I think they'll pop on Halloween. I have 147 coturnix eggs set on 10/15, so those will probably pop the first week of November.

The eggs are from an impulse bid on a Myshire auction. The first set of eggs includes 20 celadon eggs, all the rest are a mixed lot, so could hatch out anything.


Jun 11, 2020
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Well today’s the day — 56 coturnix eggs in. We’re using the biggest eggs from our biggest girls, plus 2 dozen purchased ones just in case. I set extra because some of ours are up to 2 weeks old.

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Did candling tonight. The results from our jumbo girls were disappointing but not surprising: 20 clears, 2 blood rings, 10 live or shell too dark to check. Much more positive news on the purchased eggs: only 2 clears and 22 good looking embryos alive and wriggling. So I’m down to 32 eggs in the brinsea now.

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