Offical 2020 BYC Halloween Hatch-Along


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Aug 1, 2015
I'm quite concerned about mail.
I have to mail chicks to California on Sunday.
Every news station I watched yesterday and today said it is too late to mail in election ballots because they might not get there in time to be counted. :eek:
Six days isn't enough time :eek:
What will that do to my chicks?
The reports said that right now some states have rates as low as 70% of mail arriving on time. Mostly swing states.
😬 Good luck. :fl

My incubator 1 is now locked down; I removed 4 early quitters and wrote down the numbers of about 8 that looked odd. I'll have to check after hatch to see if they were duds or just developed a little slower, they looked ok candling from the top, but had a larger space at the bottom of the egg that showed clear. The other eggs looked dark and full of chick. Only 12 Celadons made it to lockdown and they are in a hatching cage to keep them separate from the mixed color eggs. Incubator 2 will be locked down either later tonight or tomorrow.
Good luck, keep us updated!

7 (of 11) quail eggs made it to lockdown, with movement in each one.

Got a brooder heat plate in the mail yesterday, so I'm looking forward to only needing lightbulbs for daytime lighting this time. (I expect to still have a few chicks peeping bloody murder at bedtime though :rolleyes:)
Egg number 7 just hatched!!!! First chick is picking on the new hatch, should I be worried?
Congratulations!! Hopefully the first chick is behaving now.


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Nov 23, 2010
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I’ve had eggs pipped for 30-36 hours with no action and I just had a sticky chick. 😳 I have often had random sticky chicks from shipped eggs, I hope it’s not a bad sign!!!

I pulled baby out so I could clean it before it got any more hardened. It has shell glued to the eye.

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Sticky chicks is usually from
Low incubation temperature.
2. High incubation humidity.
3. Improper turning. This results in reduced embryonic membrane growth and reduced nutrient absorp
If they hatched on time, temperature wasn't the problem.

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