Ended Official BYC 12th Annual 2021 New Year's Day Hatch-Along! - Holiday "Flat Lay" Photo Contest!



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12th Annual 2021 New Year's Day Hatch-along!
Holiday "Flat Lay" Photo Contest

If you love photography, this is the contest for you! Pull together some bits and bobs, pick a nice backdrop, and set the scene! Your goal is to take the picture from above, but don't go crazy, we don't need anyone trying to climb their Christmas tree to get a better shot! :lol:

It's easy to enter, just reply to this thread & attach (upload) your "flat lay" pictures.

Flat Lay Photography for Beginners by BYC's @CluckNDoodle
Photography Tips from BYC's jolenesdad

The rules:
  1. All entries must be submitted as a reply to this thread.
  2. Four entries per member (an entry is one picture).
  3. Each entry must be of an entirely different flat-lay composition, and entered in a new post.
  4. All Flat Lays for this contest must include at least one item related to poultry.
  5. To be considered a Flat Lay and part of the contest, the photo must be taken from directly above your composition. Slight angles (10-15 degrees off of center) are acceptable, but it must be a "birds-eye" view.
  6. The picture needs to have been taken by you.
  7. No overly-edited or filtered images—basic editing such as cropping and other subtle changes are allowed.
  8. Extra consideration for picture quality and creativity!
  9. No watermarks, datestamps, text, etc. on the picture.
  10. Minor photo editing is fine, major reconstruction or heavy edits are prohibited. Do not *add* anything to your flat lay digitally.
  11. ALL pictures MUST be uploaded to BYC and not hosted on other image sites, personal websites, etc.
  12. Open to all BYC members.
  13. All BYC rules apply: Terms of Service (Rules)
  14. Entries will be accepted until December 31st at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

The Prizes:

National Geographic Photo Basics: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Great Photography Paperback – Illustrated, November 12, 2019
Bestic Camera Lens Coffee Mug
The third place prize is the beautiful BYC 2021 Calendar!
2021-calendar-draft-02 (1)_Page_01.jpg2021-calendar-draft-02 (1)_Page_28.jpg
The calendar is available to winners that reside in the United States. If the winners are outside of the United States, they will be awarded a 1-month PFM instead. Limit one prize per member per contest.

The prizes are available to winners that reside in the United States. If the winners are outside of the United States, they will be awarded a 3-month PFM instead.

Some beautiful photos from BYC's very own @jolenesdad for inspiration!

If you have not joined the NYD Hatch-a-long, please join us here:
12th Annual 2021 New Year's Day Hatch-along!
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