Ended Official BYC Caption Contest -09-17-20- Pic by darlingdarla


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May 13, 2020
News flash! Caption Contests will now be held weekly!! More fun, more chances to win!! We are also moving to Friday, TGIF!!!

It's time to start a new Caption

We choose the most "Liked" photos from our photo submission thread (see link below) and you post captions in this thread. After posting your caption, vote using the "Like" button for all your favorite captions. The sooner you submit your caption, the more votes you could get! The caption with the most "Likes" will be the winner and we'll announce it at the end of one week.

The winner will receive a free 1 month Premium Feather Membership for themselves OR a friend!

How to Enter:
Reply to this thread with your caption. (Multiple captions are allowed, submitted on separate posts.)

2.Vote for all your favorite captions using the "Like" button.

This contest ends next Thursday, September 24th at midnight Pacific time so get your entries and votes in before then!

That's it...Caption away!!

Here's the image for this contest:

View attachment 2337273

If you would like your pics considered for one of the Caption Contests, submit them here!
Official BYC Caption Contest Photo Submission Thread #3
I just washed my feathers and I can’t do a thing with them !

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