Ended Official BYC Caption Contest 9/9/14 - Picture by cackleberrycam

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Here's the deal. We will choose the highest thumbs-up rated photos from our photo submission thread and you all will post captions in the captions threads! You can submit captions and vote simultaneously, so the sooner you submit your caption, the more votes you could get! The caption with the most thumbs-up will be the winner, and we'll announce it at the end of the two weeks.

The winner will receive a free 3 month Golden Feather Membership for themselves or a friend.

How to Enter:

  • Reply to this thread with your caption
  • Vote for your favorite caption using the thumbs up button

That's it! Caption away!!

Here's the image for this contest:

By @cackleberrycam

Have your own picture you'd like to submit? We're taking submissions in this thread!
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Little girl: "Here is your tea Miss Silkie"

Miss Silkie: "Earl grey?"

Little girl: "Yes"

Miss Silkie: "Loose leaf, not tea bag?"

Little girl: "Yes"

Miss Silkie: "2 minute infusion?"

Little girl: "Yes"

Miss Silkie: "Soy milk, not skinny?"

Little girl: "Yes"

Miss Silkie: "Two teaspooons of sugar?"

Little girl: "Yes"

Miss Silkie: "Brown sugar?"

Little girl: "Yes"

Miss Silkie: "Temperature of 60C?"

Little girl: "Yes"

Miss Silkie looks at the tea: "Pffft, take it away, you forgot the meal worm!!"
When the family that brought Sarah the Silkie home promised they would always treat her like a princess this was NOT what she had in mind...

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