Ended Official BYC Contest -A Haunter Run A'fowl - Halloween Picture Contest



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A Haunter Run A'fowl Halloween Picture Contest


Previous contest winner - @ChickenFajita6
Let your imagination run wild! Show us how you and your flock celebrate Halloween, take a pic or three and stand a chance to win a Premium Feather Membership (PFM)!

How to enter and contest rules:

- Let your imagination run wild! Decorate some eggs, or the chicken coop/run, or create a Halloween costume for your bird(s) **Photoshopped entries will be accepted for the poultry costumes**

Anything Halloween and poultry related will be considered, but please note: It has to include poultry, eggs, or poultry housing/equipment!!!

- Reply to this thread with a pic (or two, or three) of your entry.

- Only one entry per member will be accepted.

The winner will receive a 6 month PFM and the runner up a 3 month PFM.

Entries close at midnight on the 1st of November (The day after Halloween)

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