Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest - What’s Your Hobby


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May 17, 2020
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I started collecting rocks around 2008 as I was walking around at my son’s school swim meets and park and school football games or if we went anywhere special
there’s so many rocks in the ground
I wash them and put them in glass and plastic containers and baskets at work and home
I have an artist friend who hikes and looks for heart shaped rocks. He has hundreds.


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Jan 12, 2019
We breed registered miniature zebu cattle. They stay under 38” and are in low numbers in the USA. They pay for themselves with the sale of calves which is how I am able to have a herd.
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Another hobby we have here on our farm is we raise emu! They are just pure joy on a large package! Don’t make any money but just love their personality’s and uniqueness.
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Oh my gosh, miniature cows and emus!?!? :love:love :love


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May 20, 2020
NE Ohio
My hobby is baking i love to make my 6 kiddos bday cakes every year I'm still very amateur to cake decorating but the smiles it brings to thier faces shows they appreciate all the hard work I put into it. Baking is my happy place lol View attachment 2430469 View attachment 2430470 View attachment 2430471 View attachment 2430472 View attachment 2430473 View attachment 2430474 View attachment 2430475 View attachment 2430476 View attachment 2430477
Theyre pretty good 😻
I especially like the one where they clearly couldn't decide which character they wanted 🤣. Inventive 👍🤩


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Jun 11, 2020
#1 My hobby is my profession ( Welder/Fabricator ) I am very fortunate to be able to do a skilled trade everyday that I love and am very passionate about, while being able to share with others who are also interested in welding. :) This hobby has taken me all over the country to places like Alaska to fund another hobby I like, Fishing. :)

One part of my hobby I enjoy is, being able to make things out of scrap iron over having to buy new steel to work with. Most people look at a pile of scrap iron and see junk, not me, I am just like a little kid in a candy store! :gig

Below is a few pics of some different projects and trinkets I have made over the years. I don't ever see myself retiring from my Hobby until they start kicking dirt over me. I have fun everyday meeting new people and building something different all the time. :)
Arch 01.jpg
Arch 02.jpg
Arch 03.jpg
Buck 01.jpg
Buck 02.jpg
Buck 03.jpg
Buck 04.jpg
Rose 01.jpg
Rose 02.jpg
AK Cut 01.jpg
AK Cut 02.jpg
SS Brac 01.jpg
SS Brac 02.jpg
Target 01.jpg
Meat Grinder 01.JPG


Apr 24, 2015
Entry #2 - TCG Card Collecting

When I was a kid, I loved collecting Pokémon cards! Never knew how to play, but loved my binder full. Unfortunately I don’t have them anymore, but as an adult I got back into it when my husband began to rebuild his own collection. I’ve begun to honestly nerd out about it- Magic: The Gathering not being as big of a deal as Pokémon for me, but I love the art. This is a renewed hobby for me, because it is something that my husband and I can really bond over, and I have fun keeping up with new releases. I learned about Pokémon’s Vivid Voltage set coming out and was so excited for release day- our nearest game store is about an hour and a half away, but we drove there on the day and I cannot begin to describe how stoked I was to see the packs in person. It was so much fun to get our own cards and begin collecting the set. I also realized that Magic had teamed up with Toho (Godzilla's franchise company) and was excited to get my first pack with one of the kaiju inside- pulling Gigan and recognizing the monster immediately! (Photo of that included below).
I'm no expert - I just started back at it, and while card collecting is something that can earn money, right now it's just something I do for fun and really enjoy because it gives me the chance to not only collect with my husband, but it brings back a child-like excitement that in today's world seems hard to find for most adults.


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