Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest - What’s Your Hobby

Jan 4, 2020
Arlington Washington
Another hobby we have here on our farm is we raise emu! They are just pure joy on a large package! Don’t make any money but just love their personality’s and uniqueness.
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In love with your hobbies right now! Emus definitely bring something different. Curious things and they love their human’s attention. Well most of them at least 😉

What are the Zebus temperaments like? I’ve heard that miniature cows, like Jerseys, can be quite shy/timid. Would you suggest zebus over your basic miniature cattle?


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Apr 12, 2015
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So many hobbies but my favorite is needle felting. Here is a sample of some of my work. I’m thinking I need to do a chicken. :yesss: View attachment 2428061 View attachment 2428062 View attachment 2428063 View attachment 2428071
Oh those BOOTIES. Squeal. :love

I enjoy illusion knitting. You cant see image, only vertical stripes, when looking straight at it. Only when approaching or passing it does the image appear. Kinda crazy, the camera pucks up some of the image than the eys do looking straight at it! Bad photo glare on these pictures. I had to make it B&W. Hard to tell in pucture that it is praying hands.
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Never heard of this, and its awesome!!!

My 1st hobby is definitely playing guitar View attachment 2429458 View attachment 2429459 I started playing about 2 years ago first I started off playing on and off then I got really into it I play single everyday and my skills are improving 🥰 I love music in general making up my own music or learning songs it’s really satisfying
Welp, there it is. The hobby I'm most jealous of. :bow I play the saxophone, but you cant really just grab it and go. I've always been so jealous of people that can pick up a guitar and make music.

:D Its funny what kids say and think. They love dinosaurs! I did too as a kid!!

This was all an inland sea way back when, so it's easy to find all kinds of things. This is an ancient native american pueblo so lots of artifacts can be found as well. All this stuff dates back 1,200 years...

Arrowheads whole and partial, some scrapers...
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Grinding stones, ceremonial axe, scrapers
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Painted pottery...
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*Not an entry*
@TwoCrows THIS IS AMAZING! wow. Im so intrigued.

We breed registered miniature zebu cattle. They stay under 38” and are in low numbers in the USA. They pay for themselves with the sale of calves which is how I am able to have a herd.
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STOP IT THEYRE SO CUTE. I NEED A MINI FARM. :weeDitto what @ShannonsChimkens said... are they better than other mini cattle? What are their horns like?

#1 My hobby is my profession ( Welder/Fabricator ) I am very fortunate to be able to do a skilled trade everyday that I love and am very passionate about, while being able to share with others who are also interested in welding. :) This hobby has taken me all over the country to places like Alaska to fund another hobby I like, Fishing. :)

One part of my hobby I enjoy is, being able to make things out of scrap iron over having to buy new steel to work with. Most people look at a pile of scrap iron and see junk, not me, I am just like a little kid in a candy store! :gig

Below is a few pics of some different projects and trinkets I have made over the years. I don't ever see myself retiring from my Hobby until they start kicking dirt over me. I have fun everyday meeting new people and building something different all the time. :) View attachment 2430779 View attachment 2430780 View attachment 2430781 View attachment 2430782 View attachment 2430783 View attachment 2430784 View attachment 2430785 View attachment 2430786 View attachment 2430787 View attachment 2430788 View attachment 2430789 View attachment 2430792 View attachment 2430793 View attachment 2430794 View attachment 2430795
Very, Very impressed!

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