Official BYC Trivia Challenge - Sunday 10/17/2010 - Win Free GFM!


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Yes, it's time for another trivia challenge! 10/17/2010 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time (8 pm Eastern)

Here are the details: The challenge will go for approximately 1 hour. This contest will send you on a hunt to various parts of BYC, our sister sites, and even some of our sponsors’ websites!

Winner will win a free 6 month Golden Feather Membership!

A few tips and rules:

1. Open 2 or 3 windows (or use tabbed browsing if you have it). Keep one window open to the contest and use the other windows to search for your answers. The questions will all be posted right here in post #1. (You will be asked to post links, also known as URLs, as answers to some questions).
2. Check out some of the previous contests to see the types of questions we may ask.
3. Please number your answers so we can more easily find them and tally the score.
4. One point for the correct answer – that’s it.
5. Don’t edit your post once you've answered. If you change your mind you can post again. Edited posts will not count.
6. One question will be posted at a time, with three minutes between each question. Whoever answers first with the correct answer will win the point. Whoever gets the most points, wins the GFM!
7. Most of all, have fun!

-------------------- QUESTIONS -----------------

1 Rounding up to the nearest 1,000th, how many members are on BYC?

2 What is the username for the male member of BYC with the most posts?

3 What is the URL for the page where you can get BYC pictures and banners to copy and paste on your website to help promote (SHARE) BYC?

4 What are the 3 URLs for the 3 "sister sites" to BYC?

5 Copy the URL for the page (not forum discussion) with the requirements for being a PPM

6 What is the URL for the wing clipping page in the Learning Center of BYC?

7 What is the name of the 6th "medium" sized coop in the Coop Designs section?

8 What most recent new feature was added to BYC after the members voted for what they wanted?
PM's auto saved

9 What is the link to the History Of BYC thread in the forum?

10 What is the price of a BYC 2011 Calendar and link to the page where it can be purchased
$10 -

11 In
the "BYC RULES" what is the 12'th "Don't"?
"We strongly discourage religious and political topics and reserve the right to delete them at our discretion. The topics of religion and politics should be confined to the “Random Ramblings” section of the forum."

12 In the "Laws" section of BYC, how many chickens are allowed in Huntington Beach CALIFORNIA?

13 Which moderator is a school teacher?
The Chicken Lady

14 What is the link to the forum thread that discusses how to request the BYC Chickenstock banners?

15 Who was the winner of the last Trivia Challenge (full username)?
Ondra's Seramas

16 What is the link to the new chicken feeders and waterers database / section?

17 What's the URL of the page page of all the BYC sponsors?

18 What are the top 4 "BESTSELLERS" (in order) in the BYC Store?
My Pet Makes Me Breakfast-Adhesive
Chillin' With My Peeps-Adhesive
My Pet Makes Me Breakfast-Magnetic
2011 BYC Calender

19 What is the name of the BSA section with the highest number of active listings?
Chickens 8 Weeks & Older - For Sale

This one is tricky!
20 What is the PUBLICATION and TITLE for the news article written about chickens on July 12, 2010? (Hint: Learning Center)
TIME Magazine - Postcard from New Tripoli


We have THREE PEEPS tied for first place!

WOW, you seem exited

This will be fun to watch.

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