Official Coturnix Quail Color Variety Names?


11 Years
Mar 7, 2008
I've been to a dozen different websites and talked to who knows how many people and practically no one seems to agree on what color/variety goes with what name. I've seen British Range sell as an all white quail with dark meat and as another name for the Tibetan/Chocolate/Dark/Monkeypotato color.

Does anyone know where to get "official" divisions? What divisions do you use? I'm trying to set up a website page with quail varieties and I really don't want to make things any more confusing than they already are.

Some of the big ones:

British Range, XLD1, Gold, Manchurian, Italian Speckled, Speckled, Ginger, Brown, Range, Standard (both for color and for size), Tuxedo, Pied (only one reference - they looked like mixes or poorly marked AM Whites to me).

Any other colors I'm missing are appreciated, too. Sam, do your blacks need to be added to this list? I've heard reference to blues, greys and lavenders, too.
BLUES!? LAVANDERS!??! OMG!!!! If you find where someone is selling those types please point me to them!

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