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Aug 18, 2009
Any feedback?- Tyler, changed the name of the thread for you... Hope it brings you some business!
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Welcome to the Purely Poultry Official thread.

300 poultry breeds for sale chickens ,bantams , ducks , geese , guineas , turkeys , pheasants , quail , and peacocks ,

Register for an account on our website and you will recieve a free 2010 poultry hatchery catalog February 1. We will start taking 2010 orders on February 1.

Local: 920-472-4068
Fax: 206-309-0915

Visit our website at
We also have a Facebook Fan Page at

Contact us via email at chicks at

I use Purely Poultry. Purely is no more expensive and has much nicer customer service
As for the chicks I can't say enough good about the health of them. One shipment that I had turned out to be in excess of 100 degrees and humidity to match-my luck But we only lost 2 all were alive when they got here but 2 were weak and died soon after.
My second order was shipped in normal conditions..90's and bearable and not one loss..they flapped their little wings right out of the box and went straight to the food and water.
Overall quality on the ones I have gotten are better than I have had from some of the other hatcheries-no real complaints and no super star standout-yet When I buy from hatcheries it is for my egg producers mostly and not my breeding stock so I don't critique as much on them.
Check out these posts.
I got them from Purely Poultry. Some of the silkies have really nice top knots and perfect feet! I was actually expecting less, but I am very pleased!
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They beat me to it...the first was my quote on them and now my second bunch is 8 weeks old I will still stand by it 100% My first bunch have grown into some of the sweetest nicest birds.Many are as nice as breeder chickens we have-I'm not looking but believe they are around 12 weeks.My 8 week old chicks are also very nice. Here are 2 of the younger group 1 Blue Andalusian-he's already crowing and 1 Ameraucana My older ones don't have many pictures because they are always under foot.
When I need more I will re-order again

I had a customer email me this yesterday and wanted to share.

I have just placed my order and wished to thank you again for your prompt responses earlier. It was your attentiveness and attention to detail on your website that made me choose your animals. Your website shows a degree of organization that is very consumer friendly and shows an understanding of their thought process. Many sites that I have visited include similar products to yours; however, there is little visual differentiation among the items that they offer. Grouping with sub-groups is common among the websites but you also include a best sellers column which re-insures an buyer’s decision or indicates that they are acquiring something unique. Your section identifying other items bought also helps a consumer to make a decision. The information that you provide with each breed is very helpful as well, not to mention that you have an extensive list of breeds available. These aspects and others combined with an easy ability to navigate the site is what I was referring to.
I really admire you for being an entrepeneur, how did you get started and what made you want to get into chickens. I am sure I will end up ordering from you eventually, keep me posted if you are ever running any specials. I am a mother of three on a TIGHT budget so I really look out for a bargain.
Trying to write a business plan for Purely Poultry. What are the demographics and psychographics of my customers. Oh boy I dont even know what psychographics means.

I think psychographics refers to the mental state of people who are addicted to raising chickens!

My start in poultry came from my parents having 25 laying hens. When my older brother started 4-H we started getting different kinds. One year we got exhibition quality birds and I wanted to start breeding them. When I was in high school we started Danke Bros Poultry a small rare breed poultry hatchery. We had 25 different breeds of chickens on the Danke Farm. The Danke Bros Poultry chapter in our lives have ended and I am now onto Purely Poultry. I started Purely Poultry because I know that I can serve my customers well. I combine a great offering of breeds at great prices. I see the opportunity to help people with their passions. I look forward to serving you in any way that I can! Read more on our about us page:
I would like to use this post as a regular forum for all things Purely Poultry related. If you have any questions for me, my customers or my birds please post them on this thread.
I just got an email I wanted to share.

I purchased 100 broilers from you this spring and they did very well. I've
never seen birds grow so large so quickly, or eat so much food! Several
friends and family members participated in our 'chicken pluck' last weekend.
It was a chance to share with some of my more urbanized friends and
co-workers where our food comes from and how God provides for us. It was a
good day and everyone went home with chickens we raised and processed. We'll
be ordering layers and more long-term chicks from you next spring, as well
as more meat chickens.
Thank you for helping make last weekend possible.
Hi Tyler,

My interest is Houdans, of which I notice you have at Purely Poultry.
Are the Houdans you offer from your own stock at Purely or do you out source from other hatcheries?
I'm interested as several other hatcheries I have contacted say that while they offer Houdans, for the
most part they out source stock for this breed.

It's important as I am trying to assemble breeding stock and don't want to buy birds through
a different hatchery only to find out that the birds I receive are from a hatchery I already bought
birds from.

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