Officially a Grand Champion

Redyre Rotties

10 Years
Jul 8, 2009
North Carolina, USA
Today Katie's Grand Championship title was officially recorded at AKC. Katie finished her GCH with 6 majors and one 2 point win, at just barely 15 months.

Katie is now IABCA BPIS MRBPIS JA CH UCH AOM BOSS GCH Redyre Extra Spicy

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And to think you earned all those GCH points just since NOVEMBER!! That is so amazing. Proves how fantastically special she truly is!

What's next on your agenda? More outings for Katie or are you gonna concentrate on one of the others for awhile? Whatever it is, I just know you're gonna do great! And thank you so much for letting us be a part of it all, even if only vicariously.


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Her Registered name is GCH Redyre Extra Spicy. Her "call" name is Katie, or KK.

I am hoping to be at the Garden in 14 with her. I expect I will be waiting on puppies from her in Feb of 13.
Congratulations on the official Grand Champion status on Katie

I have one question if it ok for me to ask, and this really is just a question, not a snarky rhetorical question. I went to your website to look at some of your other dogs and of course the Katie page and I saw this : BOSS AKC GCH, AOM, UKC CH, JA Nat./Int’l. CH in front of her name. I was wondering about the International status, if I am reading that correctly (and might not be). How can she be International Champion if she has never shown outside of the US? I konw there's a ton I don't know about showing and this is probably one area that isn't black and white. Thanks.

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