Oh boy, A whole new venture! Lakenvelders and Campines!


11 Years
Nov 2, 2008
Orlando, FL.
This past weekend at the central florida fair poultry show, I came into three chicks. Two Golden Campines and a (silver?) Lakenvelder acquired from Jennifer Walters here in florida (She's absolutely awesome, she has GREAT birds!
) Once I had the chicks, I stopped by the birds she had and saw her Lakenvelder Roo & Campine roo had gotten blue group and reserve champ. & champ for their class!

However, after doing some research on the search tool, I haven't gotten much except for auctions here on BYC, so I have a few questions. What has been your experience with these breeds? ( I'll get pictures up soon.) Do they deal well with confinement? Do they need a lot of "hands on" type of work, are they good flyers?

Also, pictures of your show-quality Campines and Lakenvelders would be AWESOME. They seem to be scarce online.
I guess to me show quality and truly winning something big, especially in the class, is winning against more than 5 other of the breed and more than 15 other of the class. So if they won that, I'd be very interested to see them myself, because otherwise. . . Fairs most often just have hatchery birds. Campines and Lakenvelders both are very rare breeds outside the hatchery ring. I'm not doubting Jennifer Walters' stock at all, I'm sure they are nice, but it is pretty rare to find such. . .

I've heard of both being occasionally flighty as well as good fliers, beyond that, I've no experience. Very few people do have experience with them, especially good quality ones. I myself have only twice ever seen Campines in the US with proper color, and never seen a female Lakenvelder with proper color.

I would say though, any breed for show needs a lot of hands on work, otherwise that is what gets it to be skittish is lack of socialization and caring.

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