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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Wjeffgriggs, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Aug 29, 2011
    This morning I wake up to one of my silkie chicks crowing. Not much of a crow at only 2 months old but it was a crow. My concern is that I already have a 8 month old rooster and with this other little rooster showing himself I now only have 5 hens. Am I going to have to give the little silkie rooster away? I don't want them fighting to the death once they hit maturity. Does anyone know what the chances are of them getting along? I hate that he turned out to be a rooster. I was hoping it was a hen because it was the best looking one and I wanted it to have chicks at some point. Not sure if it matters but the 8 month old rooster is a fizzle mixed with silkie but looks just like a polish.
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    I have a small flock, too. I have 10. 2 are roosters. They are the same age - and lived together since hatching. They are only 23 weeks old, but get along so far. Are yours together now? If the little guy doesn't try to dominate the older - they might get along. I have read a lot on this forum about 2 roosters getting along. Most of the time it sounds challenging. It really depends on the personalities of your birds. One concern I have is whether my 2 roosters will be too much for my 8 hens. They are both mating them now, and so far have not been abusive to them. I am waiting to see how this will develop. Good luck with yours.
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    You reminded me of something when I had my first flock of chickens about 20 yrs. ago. I had a real nice Golden Comet hen that for some crazy reason started to crow when she was around 2 yrs. old! I saw it with my own eyes and it definitely was a hen.

    Every time I would walk towards the coop, she'd start crowing. Ok, it wasn't exactly the prettiest crow I ever heard, it was like she forgot half-way thru what she was doing, but a crow it still was. I never knew if she laid any eggs because she was one chicken in a flock of 24 hens and they all used 1 or 2 nests.

    Around here, it's an old wives tale that a crowing hen will bring bad luck and should be culled. Pffffffft. Not in my lifetime. BTW, my luck was very good during the whole lifetime of the hen, which if I remember correctly, was several years after she started her crowing.

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