Oh, Feisty, you lazy roo.

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    I had forgotten that I let some of the girls out to peck in the yard. I stopped doing it after a hawk atttack, but felt like the big girls could go out and play for a bit. It was past bedtime, and I heard Feisty crow a couple tiimes from insiide the coop. Then I remembered the girls that were out, and let them back in. I don't know iif roosters can count, but somehow he knew he was missing some of his 18 girls. He didnt want to lose prime roostingg position, so just crowed from the perch to let them know they were out past curfew. Lazy, un-chivalrous guy.

    I wonder if roosters can count? How else would he know some were miissing? He's just a little guy (banty) in a flock of biiig girls.

    He is. NOT, however, lazy when it comes to "romancing" or raping (in his case) his ladies.
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    I'd say he's doing his job wonderfully if he's calling to any "stragglers" for roosting.

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