Oh, great. I hope I'm not losing one!


9 Years
Mar 19, 2010
Spring Branch
Woke up this morning to one of the peachicks behaving a little lethargic. She'd get up and move to drink and would barely pick at the food. I picked her up and sure enough, she had poo caked over her vent. Right away, I took her to the sink to wash it all off. Held her in a towel until she was dry. She's had a few bowel movements since so I know that's not an issue anymore. She's still acting sleepy though. If I sit in front of the brooder, she will join the other one and hop out and into my lap. She's starting to pick more at the feed if I offer it to her and she is still drinking. Is there anything more I can do? Thanks.
It had picked at some hard boiled egg early this afternoon but I know that it's not eating near as much as the other one. I did get some food into it earlier today and it seemed to perk up a bit. I got it to eat some more about 30 minutes ago. Can I put some apple cider vinegar into their water like you can with chickens? It's still hanging in there and,of course, I'm being very diligent about making sure I don't loose this little guy.
good luck with it!!!
sounds like what happened with mine... i chalked it up to plain old failure to thrive... it's a little more disappointing when it's a pea for some reason....
It's still with me today. I got it to eat some more and it's still drinking water just fine. It's still moving around like it's drunk and when it's not trying to walk around, it stands there with it's wings drooping and it's head down. Vent is still clear and it's pooping fine. It gave me a nice big poo while I was getting it to eat. Man, that's some stinky stuff there!
If the sugar water is not perking it up etc.. you might want to try dosing it with some Corid in the water incase of coccidia or the like.
i had a chicken recently that developed wry neck, couldn't hold his head up couldn't walk forwards only backwards.... i read up on it, and decided it needed b-12... couldn't get it cause feed stores were closed, but GNC was open and had liquid b-12 for people.. one dropperfull a day and he was much better in 2 days and now you would never know he was sick.. i really didn't think he would make it when i found him... and his head would just hang there, and sometimes he would get it flopped around to where it was pointing towards the back, but he had no control... just a thought, the b-12 wont hurt even if it doesn't help.. and it was less than $10 for a little bottle of it.. said 30 doses, and a dose is a dropper... if it does help, i continued for about a week after he started getting better... i also gave him baby food from a syringe.. and some water.... he couldn't eat... he couldn't aim right...
i bought something like beef and macaroni in tomato sauce.. something meaty... when i asked my hubby to pick up something he brought home bananas... i'm like.... i want to give him substance to boost him... and you bring bananas???? such a guy......
LOL! I just put some Vitamins and Electrolytes in the water and dipped it's beak it. I also got it to eat some more. I'll wait til DH gets home before I make another run out for the baby food. Thanks!

I remember years ago using pureed baby food meat (just plain meat) and mixed it with other ingredients to hand raise a couple of newborn raccoons.

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