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Carols Clucks

9 Years
Oct 13, 2010
As the says goes "One man's trash is another man's Treasure"

I got 7 sheets of nice quality 3/4" plywood dropped off today. By next week it will be a cute garden tool shed complete with antique windows-to match the house, tin roof at some point too.

They had a little damage on one side from where they used to be a big shed, so after cutting off 6" our shed will be 3.5 x 7 feet.

We will have a bigger garden shed by the bigger garden at some point.
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Wow, good job! I always wished I could have some sort of talent for DIY: I'll get excited when we discover some spare materials and then sit there for hours looking at it not knowing what to do
I will try and remember to post pictures when done, just drawings for now!

scanned my plans

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How the garden tool shed looked 10 days ago


And yesterday


Sorry, can't figure out how to rotate
Thanks for rotating it! I had it rotated in the file on my computer, but the uploader kept putting it back...ugh

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