OH my gosh, This is bad please help!!!


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Apr 3, 2011
Fredonia PA
One of my muscovey ducks has swelling on the top of her head, and her eyes are below the eve opening....like the skin is getting pulled up! Its really disturbing!!! I cant locate a vet that treats ducks! I cant find any info online about a condition like this, can someone please help me figure this out? She is acting totaly normal but, i dont know how she can even see! this must be painfull she needs help asap!
i just hope shes here somewhere on computer she can help with just about any thing. it might be stuff that she would do, shes not a Dr. but i trust ANYTHING she says or suggests cuz she helps so many duckies JUST BE SURE TO STAY ON LINE & SIGNED IN TO FORUM IN CASE SHE DOES. I'M SURE SHE WILL SEE THE MESSAGE ~ I HOPE
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I have never seen anything like this before- but for it to happen so quick is very disturbing. It is most likely to be caused by a fluid build up - by the sounds between the scalp and skull- but as to whether it is infection- injury bruising it is so very hard to tell.

For now all I can suggest is to separate the duck- So that the others will not trample her- Keep her in a quiet, warm environment and try to offer her some water. I have seen ducks with huge facial sweelings due to respiritory issues- but never something on the top of the head. Monitor her overnight and hope that she can make it through the night. Sorry I cannot be of more help but this is something I have had no experience with at all.
It would seem she was bit by something since it swelled up so fast. Maybe a snake or spider? I can't help other than separating and monitoring her for the night. If she was bit the poison should start diassapating and the swelling should go done in the next couple days. What does the swelling feel like?

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