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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by VOX, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. VOX

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    I think my baby ducks are pooping blood, but i think it could be the food im feeding them. Im feeding them Purina flock raiser, its for ducks and chickens cuz i have my baby chicks and ducks together. they dont act sick, there poop is a dark brownish wierd color. And one of my ducks like i dont had slim coming out his mouth when i picked him up, maybe cuz i scared him cuz they are not use to me picking them up. I mean they run around the cage and play with eachother, eat, drink, sleep, play. maybe try different food but all the food around here has to much protien for them, like 24% i think it is, which is way to much......any advice? i think the food is fine, maybe its the food making thier pooop that color...
  2. VOX

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    Come to think of it, i think it is the food, cuz one just pooped again and it looks normal.....the chickens poop is fine too. i think ducks are just wierd, they always have different kinds of poo (ok im tired of saying that word lol)...
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    Jan 11, 2010
    I think that could have been the quickest solved emergency yet!! You answered your own question in two minutes. [​IMG] I notice mine do different coloured ones. Have you given them something different as a treat that could have made the poop change just for a short time??

    When you picked the duck up - had it been eating and drinking just before?? Sometimes mine kind of spew up if I pick them up while they are eating. Geese are worse at that. I picked up my gosling a while ago and she shook her head..and I got covered in drool.
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    That is what I have my babies and adults on now is the Purina Flock Raiser. But mine haven't pooped out any blood or anything. But when I give them blueberries or peas, they poop out different colors. And yes, my ducks had drool to. Never knew ducks could drool until now. Learn something new.
  5. katharinad

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    Someone in my flock produced something red brown looking and liquid. It did look like blood too, but it stopped as fast as it came on. Mine free range all day and I think they just ate something out there. I know they love to eat the red berries of my hawthorn hedge. I assume someone over indulged on it.
  6. VOX

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    yeah the reason my ducky spewed up was he was drinking when i picked him up. i should pay more attiotion when i do this for the safty of them. plus i have a full grown duck(he is seperated from them cuz i might hurt them cuz hes an only chield(so he thinks) i hatched him 3 months before these little guys. so he is not use to other ducks and hes very territorial. he can get really agressive torward dogs and cats, i foud that out he hard way when he grabbed the back of my dogs neck and ripped his hair out. just its only cuz he was an only child(cuz i raised him by himslef cuz the other dident hatch) his poop is also all differant, some times runny depending on if he drinks more then he eats. when the others get bigger i will introduce them slowly to be safe they wont hurt eatch other. but in time i think they will get along.

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