Oh No! One of my little serama chicks is sick!!!!! UPDATE 6/21!


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They were all fine last night and then when I went to take them out to free range while I worked on their coop today I discovered that my little "black" roo is not well! His outward appearance is ok....however he is very uncoordinated and can not stand at all or really walk. He also does not seem to know what he is pecking at when he goes for feed.....he was jabbing aimlessly and much harder at food than the other chicks. He is still interested in food...and will drink if water is right there. Does anyone know what this might be caused by or if he will recover???? I could try to take a video if anyone thinks that will help.
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Is it possible that he may have eaten something that may have been toxic to his system while free ranging? At least he is still drinking water. I will say a little prayer for him tonight...
He is 4 weeks old (pretty much exactly)...my 7 seramas and 3 call ducklings have been eating a mix of 75% Purina Start & Grow to 25% (by weight) Wellness Core/Nature's Variety Insinct Cat food....2 days ago I started adding Dumor Chick Starter/Grower 20%. Last night they were all acting perfectly fine when I took photos of all of them....they were all roosting on the side of the box I had them in (including him). These are the photos from last night.


The chicks did NOT go outside yesterday....the ducklings were out for a little while. When I went to take them out today he had a little chunk of bedding/poo in his wing (didn't think much of it then...thought it was just b/c the ducks were flinging themselves around as I was trying to get them out)....and when I went to take them all out of the box I carry them out in all the others skittered off after the ducks and he just sat there......and then I realized he couldn't stand up! His legs have some strength to them...he resists when they are pulled/pushed...but he doesn't seem to be able to control them well and cannot pull them under himself well or wrap his toes around anything. As I said, he jabs aimlessly for food as well. Currently I have him in a box on a paper plate with some mash (food mixed with water), some dry food, and a small water dish. He basically jabs till something ends up in his mouth....he is eating the mash as I type and has drank some of the water. He is not happy to be alone...but is much quieter when he can see me. His left foot seems less functional than his right. He's trying not to fall asleep now....nodding away....
looking ok... dip his beak in water make sure he is staying hydrated and he will eat... is he chirping ALOT or does he stop for a little because constant cherping means somethings wrong and may die soon so watch for that ... check his rear for poop on it pluging him up and just monitor him... temp of coop etc.

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He is drinking and eating. He is not chirping constantly....he was just mad to be alone...he stopped when he could see me. He is sleeping now. One of the first things I did was check his behind, which seems fine. I just woke him up so I could look at his poop (he was sleeping on a dropping...lol). It seems normal and he immediately started eating.
Could it have gotten stuck somewhere? Anything step on it? Kid drop it? Vaccinated for Mareks?

Try giving it a few drops of Poly Vi Sol without iron, or a liquid children's or bird vitamin. Try for a week at twice a day and see if any improvement. Maybe a slight neurological problem that will improve with the extra vitamins. It won't hurt if it doesn't help.

Would putting the food in a deep dish help, or make matters worse?

I agree with the making sure it's at least drinking until we can hopefully figure out what is going on!

As you see, I have some ideas, but truly don't know what is going on.
Don't think he could have gotten stuck....definitely not dropped....one of the ducklings may have stepped on him...but they aren't particularly heavy **shrug**

No marek's vaccination....but no exposure whatsoever to any other poultry.

Don't have any poly-vi-sol....but should be able to get some tomorrow.

I don't think putting food in an deep dish would help....he is eating...it needs to be prevalent around him though so he doesn't miss it.
could it be he's being bullied away from food, and just not getting the nutrients he needs?
eye problems can be caused by lack of Vitamin A..
could his legs be weak?
is he able to walk at all, or stand?
does he make any odd movements with his head and neck?
describe the droppings, color and consistency.

did you say you have the chicks and duckling together?
(not a good idea)
does the feed get wet?

you might try giving him some Poly-vi-sol liquid baby vitamins, Enfamil brand..no iron..2 drops on beak once a day for a week..then taper off for another week.
also give a little Vitamin E from capsule.

I have never raised seramas, and not familiar with the feed..
is there some reason why you're giving the mix of different feeds, such as the cat food?

you can also try making up this mix..
These amounts are for 1 day..divide into 3 feeds for the day, give for 3-5 days..along with usual feed and water.
1 cooked egg yolk
a small drizzel of honey
2 tablespoons plain yogurt
dab of unsweetened applesauce or baby food applesauce
2-4 tablespoons of water softened, cooked, or baby oatmeal..or baby rice cereal..
you can add enough chick feed to make the mix puffy if needed,
the mix should not be soupy or gummy.

BTW..is the chick/starter feed medicated?
where did you get these chicks?

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