Oh No!

Camelot Farms

10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
VA,TN,NC Tri-State area
I have 3 empty breeder pens...

That cant be right. Camelot Farm with an empty space!

Guess I better go scope out the BST section....
I had I had 5 empty today, so i rearranged some birds to fill them up to keep me from buyin more...LIke I need more with 122 babies...LOL I now have 3 brooders 1 with wyandottes, gold lakenvelders, and wellsummers (big chicks) 1 with D'uccles (millie, black and blue mottled) bantam cochins (mottled, frizz, cin red, lav, black) Sizzles and silkies (med chicks) and 1 with serama and OEGB (barred, spangle, and blue silvers (small chicks).......... Now I'm just wondering where I'm goin to put them when they out grow these... I need 3 big cheap dog kennels..LOL
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