OHio ~ Come on Buckeyes, let me know your out there!


13 Years
Jan 26, 2007
central Ohio
You will love Meyer Hatchery. It's a fun day to go there, and a pretty drive, too. :)

Hello from Hocking CO! (an hour SE of Columbus). Picking up our first 12 chicks from Meyer Hatchery on March 6th. 4 RIR and 8 various Wyandottes, all hens. For now. Going to wait and see how well we manage this flock before adding a turkey and maybe some Guinea fowl.
**My family, my guy, 1 mastiff mix rescue, 1 hound rescue, and 1 bloodhound. My father bought the house next to mine, so I care for him full time. He has dementia. Hoping the chicks will give him some incentive to get out of the house and be active.**


Feb 23, 2018
Wooster, Ohio
I live in Millersburg. I am North of Columbus and south of Cleveland. This is a few pics of my coop. In front I have a broiler. Each coop int the yard is 5x7x10. (I think)
And off to the side have a brooder coop. It is 3 of the large coops together and then covered in chicken wire. The table there to the side is what we used to butcher.

Brooder coop, its not pretty but it gets the job done! (And yep in the background thats a baby fawn, still had its spots there were 2 of them running around my yard. Pretty sure they lost their mom)
Hi I. From outside Wooster near the Oardc. You are so close to me. I cannot see your coop pictures. Can you email them to me or send text. 216-854-0530. Appreciate if you could do that. I’m just starting looking for small coop but I have been alone for a couple years and no one to build one for me. So I’m trying all options looking online, Craigslist and probably to RKO and TSC. I am out of state right now but researching so I am informed when I get back. Thanks so much neighbor!


Nov 26, 2016
Hocking Hills, Ohio
Hello from Hocking CO! (an hour SE of Columbus). Picking up our first 12 chicks from Meyer Hatchery on March 6th.
Hi neighbor! Our place is in the northern part of the county by Clear Creek. Let us know how things work out with Meyer. We have thought about driving up there next time we add new breeds to the flock. Heard mostly good things about them and they have a great selection. Right now we are waiting for a broody to sit on a few eggs and try that.

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