Oil in soap making?


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Apr 15, 2008
I was wondering if it was possible to use recycled oil in soap making? Not icky car oil or anything like that, ....I'm meaning fryer oil that was changed out of a fryer. Not crazy condition oil, just used oil. I mean if I was to fine filter it I was wondering if it would be use able for soap? I mean lard & animal based fats are used in some recipes so why not recycle some oil for soap.? It's not a product you eat, & other ingredients are used in the soap & scents are added. ??

Any info would be appreciated.
I guess an experimental try would tell if it was possible. But I was wondering if all you experienced Wonderfully Soap Makers had any ideas.

****ETA: I found info here where it's possible & even environmentally encouraged to recycle it for the environment: http://www.ecomark.jp/english/pdf/129c-v1.pdf
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Jan 22, 2008
I just saw you post, let us know how it goes. I'd be interested to see if any smells transfer over or if you get DOS.


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Recycled oils can be used in soaps.
Here is information shared with me by my 85 year old MIL and my 87 year old neighbor.

If you know the source of the oil you can determine a close enough saponification number.

Bacon fat can be "cleaned" of its smoky smell by boiling it in an equal amount of water for 15 minutes....then add one cup of sweet milk and simmer while stirring for 5 minutes. allow to cool and separate overnight. Skim out the fat and chill in a plastic container in the refrigerator. When it sets, you can slip the brick out of the container, scrape off any discolored fat off the bottom of the brick. Store until ready to use.

Lye will "eat out" any of the impurities caused by using the oil in cooking.

Vegetable oil that has not been "burned" on hot heat, can be strained and used as is.
If it has been heated to a too hot temp, the oil changes color and will have a burned smell that cannot be removed.

One of my first soap recipes was recycled bacon fat. I used tea tree oil and lavendar EO as the fragrance. I added coconut oil and castor oil to improve the lather and the soap was nice.

I also used some recycled cooking oil in a soap with pumice for hubby's shop. At least that was the intent. It ended up being a good hand soap in the house. No fragrance was added because he wanted it to be "old-fashioned". It had no noticeable cooking odors...just clean.

I experiment often.

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