Ok brooder pictures, HHhelp with size!


8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
NE Wisconsin
Ok I finally got pictures of my finished brooder, had to charge the camera battery
But I ordered 30 chicks because I need at least 15 hens, when I first thought about size I didn't realize I would need much more room than I had anticipated.
Finished inside measurements are 49 inches by 51 inches. I'm also not sure if I have a enough ventilation, any suggestion would be great. heres the pics.



Nice looking set up, looks like a piece of furniture.
Gonna be a little small at about 3 weeks though.
Is that long white thing a heat lamp of some sort?
Sorry ghostrider, I forgot you asked for help.
How bout if you add some wire to the front, so when you drop the face piece you will add vent there? it doesn't need to
cover all of it maybe about half. Looks like you could staple it to the inside frame
Ohh Ty guys so much,!!!
Is that long white thing a heat lamp of some sort?

Yes its a sweeter heater, radiant heat source suppose to be better but not lamp so gonna use the small light at the back.
It actually has a removable lid over the cover so I can get extra ventilation, also the gray face plate is about a quarter inch higher than the rest of the slider so it doesn't fit tight and adds extra air circulation.
Gonna be a little small at about 3 weeks though.

I thought so too but wondering if this will work I'm getting a large watermellon box from hubbies work, and I thought I would screw it to the sides and cut out an exact hole where the front of the brooder lifts out so they can have more space. Do you think that will be enough until I get my Coop built?, it takes sometimes till almost May before our ground is unthawed enough to put in posts. Help guys this newbie is driving herself crazy worrying about these chics. TY Kim​
For that many chicks, I think you will need at least 30 sq ft, that is about double what you have now.
You're ok with what you have for 3 or 4 weeks probably.
Thanks all for posting,
I also am wondering if my basement is gonna be too cold it isn't heated, other than a pellet stove which is vented upstairs.
It stays about 55 to 60 down there when the sun comes in, so If I use the watermelon box do you think it will also need another heater in that section?
If it warms up around here early that would surely help I have an unused horse stall that was my Shadows that I could use. But right now its still below 20 degrees at night, and maybe 35 during the day. A Month from now though it might be around 40 at night 60 during the day. Ggrrrr why can't I live somewhere warm like Texas.
I'd get alot more horse riding time as well, I usually don't ride over the winter too cold up here. TY
Well, I live in Mid Georgia and it will be 36 tonight, my chicks are in an unheated storage building.Hope my advise is helping you
I have 1 heat lamp and cover the brooder with a blanket, it will not get to 80 deg with this setup,
but chicks huddle and make it through.
With your extra chicks (I only have 20) I would say get another lamp, better safe than sorry.
Just make sure they have enough room to get away from the heat if it may get to intense.
Hope my advice is helping you.

B T W, a month from now it will be in the 90's here, enjoy your cool
Sweety I'll take that 90 degrees, I'm so sick of being half frozen,,,,,,,,gggggggggrrrrrrrrr it's been a longgg coldddd winter here. many days /weeks at 25 to 50 below
I really do want to move to Texas, or Arizona, NM somewhere warmer. Yes your advice is much appreciated, and very helpful

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