ok I need some advice and help ASAP or 3 die!!!!!

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  1. oesdog

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Well - I will try to make this short.
    Last year we borrowed a Rooster Sam who was Leghorn. He crowed a lot. But as he came from three or 4 doors down we didn;t think it mattered as he had been about a good while. He did the Rooster bit and a few weeks later we got some lovely chicks. 4 of them!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] But our Neighbor complained and we had to give the borrowed Roo back. Sadly he isn;t there anymore. We also had 2 eggs hatch in the Bator so have 6 chicks altogether. Out of the 6 three are Roo boys. Duck , Nugget and Blue.
    Duck is MaranxLeghorn. Nugget Production Redx Leghorn and Blue is a cream legbar ( With the blue egg gene!) DH and I have watched the boys grow and week by week have worried more and more. This week they have all started to crow! Yikes!!!!!!!!!

    We live in a house that backs onto farm land where there is a Donkey who makes a racket and a herd of Cows who bellow all night as they give birth in the back paddock directly behind our house. To the left of us is a large recreation ground that is used most weeks for Football or other games usually accompanied by large men shouting obcenities at the top of their voices and chasing a bag of wind ( Sorry guys not a fan of Football!) We also have a race track a mile away that you can hear clearly two or three times a week for about 6 hours straight!!! Out of all these things the Neighbor homes in on my Chickens!!!!!!!!! - I personally can;t understand why someone would buy a house backing onto a farm and then complain about farm yard noises???? Anyhow this while the same Neighbor has gotten himself 3 dogs who are caged in his yard and sleep in sheds. They howell when he isn;t there and sometimes up until midnight.

    Yesterday DH made a run and a new coop for two of the Roo boys behind our sheds and fenced it in so the neighbor cannot see them. This morning the two roos were crowing and then the other boy Blue who sleeps in the shed with his hen ( they are the Bater chicks) started to crow too!!!!!) They are kind of loud.

    This morning when I went out in the yard with the Hens I saw the Neighbor peering through our fence? So I am pretty sure he knows I have the roo boys and that the crowing comes from here. I grabbed the two roo boys and put them back behind the shed but am pretty sure he saw them out.

    Last time he complained about Sam he was very nasty and confrontational to DH and threatening. I don;t want any bother but we are trying to keep the roos quiet.
    DH doesn;t want to kill them. Mainly because we like them and the big boy Duck will be great to put to Gerty for more Maran chicks next year ( they apparently make good meat birds and Gerty is a good layer. Nugget is a bit on the thin side for the pot yet. But he is Production Red and if we put him to Drumstick or Bertha we should get a few good laying hens in the next batch of chicks???? Blue well he and his little friend Omlet are our babies - I want to put Blue to Omlet because then I can get Olive Eggers - Also if I put Blue to one of the white egg laying hens I may get a blue egg layer in the next chicks. - Yeap I know all a bit up in the air but method in the madness. Anyhow I don;t really want to get rid of the Roo boys until they have done their bit. Blue I never want to part with as He is a pet.

    We know the other two will need to go in the Freezer eventually but we would like to keep them long enough to get the next generation of chicks.

    So well we are worried about them and how to keep them safe and quiet and not get this fellow complaining and making trouble with the council for us?????? He is the only one who complains no one else has and several homes here have had Roosters.

    Any advice would be great
    Oesdog [​IMG]
  2. chicken_crazy93

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    Oct 24, 2010
    Well first off it sounds to me like your neighbor just plain don't like ya'll. If it were me, I would go over & have a man to man talk with him & find out what he doesn't like about ya'll, try to compromise between his dog's howlin & your rooster's crowin, let him know you don't want him lookin through your fence at your property & as far as bein very nasty & confrontational with your husband, well... let nature take his course. If he wants to be a pain in the butt then tell him you're tired of hearin his mutt's cryin all the time & he's gonna have to do something about them & untill he does, shut up about your rooster's, BUT, be nice as you can about it. I personally have been raised up to protect what's mine & to man up at any cost, take a butt whoopin or give one, but by no means give in to no man. If you let him have his way on this, after you git shed of your roo's, he will be makin you do something else or complainin about your hen's poop stinkin or your truck needs a new muffler or your grass is to high etc. etc... But by all means, try to be nice about it. Just my two cents.
  3. LilChickCoop

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    Sep 8, 2010
    Central Florida
  4. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Hi oesdog,

    Sorry for the troublesome neighbor.

    Sounds to me like you need to investigate the laws and ordinances that apply to your piece of Ireland, rather than ask a bunch of people in the US and other countries.

    Hope you can work it out.
  5. Happy Chooks

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    As long as you're allowed to have roosters, then I say [​IMG] to him. Childish, I know, but sometimes that's the only way you can deal with people like that. Sounds like this guy will never be happy with anything you do. Tell him that if your roosters go, his dog goes.
  6. chickensnax

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    Nov 24, 2009
    south Texas
    I have to agree with chicken crazy. and agree with finding out what your local ordanices are for the area that you live in.

    Don't give in just because he's pushy, If you're allowed legally to have roosters then thats you're right, just like if he can legally have loud noisy dogs he does.

    good luck.
  7. LauraG

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    Apr 13, 2010
    Upstate, NY
    if you are allowed to have roosters, keep them.

    Or tell him when he quits keeping his dogs chained outside and gives them proper sleeping quarters with big, plushy dog beds, then you will think about doing something with the roos.

    That should shut him up.
  8. RIBill

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    Nov 7, 2010
    I would actually explain that you have the roosters until they are old enough to give you some chicks. After that you plan to dispatch them. It will be at least a year or so before he complains again. Most people will tollerate anything if they know it's only for a limited time. If you want to be extra friendly, offer a dozen eggs when you explain to him. I come from the land of hostile neighbors, so I can confidently say that there probably isn't much you can do. Some people are just inconsiderate jerks.

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