Ok newbie not sure what I should do...


9 Years
Apr 15, 2014
Surrey, British Columbia
Hi everyone. I just got 4 new ladies 5 days ago. 3 cuckoo marans 8 weeks old and one barred rock 4 weeks old. They were all getting on well in the coop, but then the temperature dropped significantly. We went from highs of 20 C with lows of 12 to highs of 10 C and 7 over night. The little one can not roost as high as the others so she roosts alone. I noticed she's always fluffed as she sleeps and has been trying to get under the others during the day to get warm. The weather is going to suck for the next two weeks so I moved her into the house yesterday. She slept like a rock. Today she is very active but very lonely. I know it's only a couple more weeks till all her feathers are in to keep her warm, but now I'm really worried about keeping her away from the others! There is no power out in the coop.....
Maybe you could run a cord out there with a hang lamp to put off some heat for her. ( I do this for mine and I have one of those shop lights that you squeeze the clip and it clings on to something and I put a red floodlight light bulb in it. It puts off a good bit of heat.) Just an idea hopefully it could help out some and is not very expensive to do.

Nice picture! Beautiful hen. You know the coop is split down the middle to keep the birds out of the supplies so what about a little space heater? Birds can't get near it but it just might take the chill out of the space. Hmmmm going to give it a shot tomorrow and hopefully the older birds accept her back.
great to have you joining the BYC flock

BYC has a very useful learning center
Well everyone thank you for helping this new neurotic mom! The heater is working! I picked up a small space heater with a good measure of safety features. On it's lowest setting it is taking the chill out of the air and the coop is staying at a comfy 15 C. The littlest pullet has been out with the other three all day and no issues so far. Jeez everyone, friends of ours have had chickens for 7 years and they kept saying you have a great setup you should get chickens! They are fun and easy! LMAO..... Ya great now I have 4 new family members to constantly worry about. Well for the breaking in period anyway.... ME not the birds. They seem very happy.

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