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so i live out in the country but i sill have a neighbor bout 200yds down the road. he has a big husky dog that has killed both my rosters, my dog is a 85lb female German Shepherd. She will let him walk right up to the coop during the day and not do a thing. What breed dog is a good flock protector or how do i train my current dog to protect my chickens? She does run off all the coyotes, coons, opossums and such just not other dogs. Any particular dog breed that will get rid of every thing?
I had an Akbash who was good against dogs...unfortunately she followed the neighbor dog onto their property and into their house....
But she was a great guardian
Bull dogs do great with big farms most people won't think that ,.. American bull dog is the best i have seen in a farm .. Have to get it when it young to train it but that also goes for any dog
You should just be happy that your GSD hasn't done anything to their dog. If she were to leave your yard in the course of guarding, the neighbor could have her declared dangerous and could eventually lead to her being put down. Take the iniative yourself. Call the police, make a report about the dog killing your livestock. Have the neighbor informed by the police that dogs killing livestock can be shot. If the dog comes back and attacks again, follow through.
I had a neighbors husky attack my dog in my yard. They paid the bill($400).It has been years,but if there is a next time I know the dog is a risk and would attack it before it got any or us.

Since you know the dog will kill livestock I would just SSS to avoid neighbor issues. It is like spending lots of money trying to keep cats or squirrels out of the yard.Don't waste the money just get rid of the problem once and for all.You dog sounds good.My dog did not attack the husky either.Lol,maybe they have a sense not to mess with them.
thank you for the replies, i guess it is a good thing that my dog doesn't guard from other dogs. and i have notified the owner of the husky about the problem. he said just yell at it or shoot it with BB gun. . .
I was going to say something different, but since his response was just to yell at it or shoot it with a BB gun instead of "im sorry. Ill pay for the birds he attacked, and Ill make sure it doesnt happen again." Then I think SSS is probably in order.

How old is your female? It is unusual for her not to have a protective instinct.

Almost forgot the original question, LOL The best LGD I have ever seen are the old stand by's. Great Pyrenees. They must be put out with the chickens as young as possible though and they will adopt them as their flock.
Some people are such bad dog owners. I had a problem with a neighbor's dog a few years ago, tried being a good neighbor and talked to him about it instead of calling Animal Control. He told me the same thing that your neighbor did, just yell at the dog or hit it, shoot it with a BB gun. What my neighbor made clear is that he was not going to do a thing to control his dog. He even told me that things were much better before i bought my house, because the previous owner didn't care about the dog running loose.

My dog IS dog aggressive and there were constant, daily fights with this darn dog for months. My neighbor didn't care. The other dog was old and I guess he died, because one day he just stopped showing up. I didn't have it in me to do SSS, but i probably should have called Animal Control, because things deteriorated with this neighbor to the point where we weren't speaking anyway. He has since moved away.

Unless you can put up a strong enough fence to keep that husky out, I'd call Animal Control or do SSS. It's not worth losing your livestock. Sounds like you've got a good dog with your shepherd.
We have a lab/shepherd/rottie mix and he wouldn't harm a fly but if you mess with me or my chickens he will eat you. We recently got an outside dog to be by the coop all day while they are out, he is a Lab. When we first got him he would bark and go after the chickens and ducks. I put a chain on him and slapped him upside the head or smacked his butt a few times and he don't bother them anymore. Rabbit came up he got em, tree rat he got em. We would let my sheperd mix in the coop run so we could show the lab that chickens are our friends and we don't hurt them. He looked at Barry so hopefully that helped as well. I wish you luck. It takes time but it will happen.

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