Ok, so I need to have my head examind!


12 Years
Mar 28, 2007
Memphis TN
Went to the feed store to get shell and not only did I leave with a little New Hampshire baby I talked my friend into 2 EE's! Oh I am so BAD!
Your just sharing the joy of chickenhood with your friend. By the way, what happened with your avatar? And do you still have the beautiful Merryweather? Didn't see her listed.
Not fair Adam...cna't talk about your new babies without pictures!!! I have no idea in the world what a New Hampshire looks like!! If it turns out as cute as that one in your avatar I can see why you are so excited!! Pciture!!
I just changed it to my little roo the other day.

Alas the beautiful Merryweather flew the beautiful new chicken mansion coop. I let the girls out to free range one afternoon and left to run some errands and she disappeared, no sign of anything! I searched and asked around (most people thought I was nuts) but no sign of her. I am heartbroken and I just cannot bring myself to get another Blue Andalusian yet. When I do get another I would like it to be from a breeders stock. Thanks for asking

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