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I have some 1 week old Buff/Partridge Rocks and some Delawares. All are healthy and well in my brooder in the basement. We are now having regular temps in the upper 80's during the day in NW Georgia. Is it ok to take them out for a little while to just "run around in the grass"? Other than temp, is there any other reason they should not go out? My boys sooo want to let them play in the yard. They would probably only be out for an hour or less (typical children....will lose interest quickly I'm sure) Thanks
if they are only a week old then i would not take them out. one of the problems is that they cant regulate their body temps - i think they still are at the 90* mark.. but you could take them in some grass clippings.

as a reference.. when they are momma raised, for the first 3 days or so they sit under her almost the entire time. they need the heat... so a week seems early

others might have different ideas tho

good luck!
With temps. being in the 80's (as long as it's the upper 80's), they would be fine to go outside for awhile. I do want to throw out a word of caution to you though. I would not suggest you just letting the "run around in the grass" for awhile. Chicks are very fast little buggers and you will have quite the time rounding them back up to go in! It would be best to put them into some time of fenced in enclosure with something over the top to protect them from predators. I've had my husband build me an A frame type thing for my chicks to go outdoors in. You also need to be sure to keep their feed and plenty of water available to them while they are outside and be sure they have plenty of shade so they don't get overheated. Last of all, keep a close eye on them. Their body language will let you know when it's time to come back inside.
I start taking mine out as soon as the outside temps are close to the brooder temps. I hammer some 3' stakes in the ground and run wire around zip tieing it to the stakes. This keeps the big chickens from pecking them, but I can step across to get in. If I leave them alone for awhile I place a piece of netting over the top.

I also let hens with babies out of their broody boxes once the babies are 2-3 days old.

Mine are 2 weeks old and got to go outside for the first time today. I built a hay bale enclosure and used my chicken wire brooder lid to go over top. I would never let them run around freely right now because I would never catch them. I had a hard enough time trying to put them in a rubbermaid container to get them outside. I stayed out with them and we stayed out there for about an hour. I did set the pen up in the shade. I think it would have been too hot for them in the sun.

It is in the mid-80's today with alot of humidity, so I wasn't worried about the temp. While we were out there, a hawk flew over and let out a cry. All the chicks either ran for cover or just froze in place. I guess their instincts are good!
I started taking mine out at 2 weeks when we had some days in the 70's and they did fine. I just let them run around the yard for 15 - 20 minutes and they loved it. I have 4 kids so each of us kept and eye on a few and it wasn't too bad rounding them up.
They are now 5 weeks old and have been out in the coop/run full time for just over a week. I run the heat lamp at night because it still gets down in the 50's. I also get them iniside during heavy rain or damp conditions. Other than that they are free to run around in the coop/run!
I have three one-week-old chicks running all over the place with their mama right now. They stay outside for an hour at a time and don't seem the least bit chilly, especially with temps in the 70s and 80s.
My orpington chicks went outside for the first time a few days ago -- we're runnig temps in the low to mid 80s and even upper 70s for highs -- and they did fine. We've taken them out each day since, with the exception of today (too wet).

They loved their "field trips!"

Just keep an eye of them to make sure they aren't chilled --if they are huddled together, they are too cold.
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