Okay to put broodies together?


11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
Bay Area, CA
In less than a week, my two broody hens will each have chicks, from the same batch of mail-order eggs. Or at least I hope...

The question is if it's okay to confine both mama hens together, since they will both be getting chicks at the same time. Will they be okay, or will there be contention for chicks? Or each defending its own chicks? I've seen free-ranging hens cooperatively overseeing chicks, but I'm not sure about keeping broodies in the same enclosure.

Or is this one of those "gee, it depends on the chickens" questions?
i have read some accounts of folks who had broodies cooperatively raise chicks. Have also read of problems of hens fighting over the chicks and chicks being killed. My only experience with this was the first time i allowed broodies to hatch. The two seemed to be okay until the first baby hatched and they both tried to kill it.

Sooooooooo, i will let hens sit together until it gets close to hatch time. Then i pick who i think will be the best mom, isolate her, and give her all the eggs.
I have only ever had one hen that went absolutely beserk when I put her in with another broody. She wouldn't hurt the chicks, but kept attacking the other hen. Eventually I just booted her out. I won't stand for a hen attacking other birds who are hiding in a corner.

All of my other broodies work together non-stop. All chicks are comfortable and can dart under either mother. They did not hurt each other, there was no fighting...worked perfectly. The beserk mother was the exception to all of my other broodies.

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