old english game rooster attacks cat

Good for the rooster!!
Good old rooster protecting his flock. Glad he got out in one piece.

My BO rooster 'Harry' died protecting his hens from a neighborhood dog that got loose and attacked the flock.
I just hope my roosters are brave enough for all that they are all penned and I don't think the cats can get to them or the chicks I'm hoping for but I know last year I had a cat get every chick I had total of 22 chicks gone we're over run with stray wild cats around here doesn't matter how many you trap and get rid of they're still more and more lol I like cats ol when people have them and take care of them but when they dump them out in my yard and they're wild and havin wild babies and eatin my chicks and tearin up the trash it's to much for me

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