Old Shed


7 Years
Nov 6, 2012
In the coop talking to my chickens.
We are going to get chickens next spring but we have no coop to put them in.
We have an old shed made out of tin with a dirt floor.
Two side corners has been torn back and there is a windowpane that used to have a window in it.
Inside there is a bench by the window that goes almost all the way to the other side.
By the bench there is a small cabinet hanging on the wall.
Any Idea's? I do not have any ingenuity.
I started with an old shed. Just go over it very carefully and note ALL the possible predator access points. Get those fixed - provide the basics for the chickens (roost, next box, feed and water if you want that inside the coop) and you're ready to go.

Good luck and post some picts when you can.
First we will have to get our camera charger and then we will be ready to go and take pictures.
Thank you for the advice,and I have another question.when it gets down to repairing it,do you think we should build another one or bite the bullet and fix it?
That would depend on how much repairing needs to be done, on how much it would cost to replace the shed, and if the shed will meet your needs once repaired.

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