older roo got exiled...now frostbit comb...is he now more suseptable to cold?

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    My 30 week old rooster went after my 2 year old rooster and kicked him out of the coop. Of course, this was the ONE night we didn't count heads when we locked them up for the night. The next morning, there was poor Mister outside the coop with the tips of his comp black/purple. That morning it was confirmed that the new rooster was staging a coup in the coop as he attacked him and Mister took off again. I've read that the tips will eventually fall off, but I was wondering is he is now more prone to getting more frostbite. And if he is, should I regularly put vaseline on his comb every cold night? Also, I read a post that said it was very painful...is it? Should I put a numbing gel on it also?...like ambesol or something?

    The new rooster is re-homed and Mister is back on the throne.
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    Now that he is back in the coop, the frostbite should not worsen. As long as he appears to be OK (eating, drinking, courting the hens) I would not stress him more than has already happened. If he is truly frost bitten, those parts will dry up and eventually fall off. Over the years I have had numerous roosters that insisted on sleeping outside. Their frostbitten combs never appeared to be painful to them.

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