Omelet fencing

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If you don't need it to look good, you will save a lot of money by just buying a role of chicken wire and cutting some branches to 3-4' in length to use as supports. Omlet fencing is not secure enough for a full time run (either is chicken wire), a fox would go through it with little or no trouble at all but it is fine for a day time pen to give them extra space
I don't have that brand, but I do have electric poultry fencing from Premier that's been great so far!
We got the 164' Poultry Net, 48" high, double spiked + the Hot Gate + the Kube 4000 energizer. Was tough to pick, but this is what my research lead me to. Rather embarrassed to say that I put another 164' section on my Christmas Wish List already ;) Easy shopping for hubby this year!!

It's not cheap, but none of it really is in the already-put-together netting department. :(
Does make me feel very safe when I lock my chicks in at night--the coop is in the middle of this pasture and I know it works well--our 90-lb Ridgeback touched it out of curiosity on day 1 and yiped big time! Sulked away after that ;)

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