Omg! Am I Blinding My Chicks? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Aug 25, 2008
I got a nifty little LED flashlight at TSC recently. METRIX brand. It's perfect pocket size and really bright. I candled some eggs under a broody and it really made the eggs glow, I could see lots of details.

But..... the label on the side of it says:

1. LED lights can cause damage to your eyes.

2. Do not look directly into the LED light.

3. Do not point the LED light into anyone's eyes.

If it is used for candling, could it harm the developing embryo's eyes?

Original title: Candling With Very Bright LED Light? Can It Harm The Embryo's Eyes?

Apparently not dramatic enough,

Thanks for any input, the question is a legitimate concern.
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I think several BYCer's use those. I wouldn't think that it would do any harm. Any light will cause damage to the eyes, if they are exposed to long. A normal light bulb in brooders can cause Cataracts in the birds, due the prolonged use.

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