OMG, nearly had a heart attack!

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    Jun 1, 2008
    I had 2 broody hens, when they left their joint nest I took the eggs and tossed them in the bator [​IMG] I know there were different stages of development so I have just been pulling the chicks as they hatch and tossing them in the brooder. I had one egg I kept going back to because I couldn't see in it well(marans). I decided to open it up today since it looked very full and I couldn't see any movement in 3 days. That is the LAST time I will ever do that [​IMG] I gently tapped on the air cell to try to crack it a little, just in case the chick was alive.....and BOOM!!!! I was squatting down and fell on my butt and my ears were ringing. It smelled a little, like rotten eggs. I quickly tossed it in a bag and put it out but was still shaking for a while. It had to be the marans nice thick dark shell that kept that one from blowing up. The poor baby must have died when the hens kicked the eggs out, before I found them. I feel bad for the chick but man oh man I will NOT do that again...
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    Jun 7, 2011
    lol thats gross but funny [​IMG]

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