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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Justino, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Justino

    Justino ♪♫ Rockin' Rooster ♪♫

    Dec 21, 2007
    Well i finally had my first driving nightmare LOL

    i dreamt i was driving somewhere with my mom in the was all goin normal until i had to merge to the right and i hit the gas instead of the break and i went head on into another car [​IMG] then the other guy said hes gonna sue me and drove off in his beat up car!!!! LOL then i woke up freaked out and not wanting to drive anywhere today [​IMG]

    LOL what a horrible nightmare [​IMG]
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  2. debilorrah

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    You are bound to have those dreams when you first start driving. I have nightmares about work when I first start a new job.
  3. ksacres

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    Nov 16, 2007
    San Antonio TX
    Quote:I once hit a parked car because I did that. I'm the only person I know that hits parked cars (I have hit two in the 10 years I've been driving).
  4. ursusarctosana

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    Aug 6, 2008
    Spokane, WA
    Even though I am long out of school I still have dreams about having a class and not being able to find it. These are the worst dreams--almost as bad as the ones where I find out I am a serial killer, even though I don't remember killing anyone. LOL.

    Driving is supposed to be terrifying, if a person has any common sense. Physics is complicated and all those drivers who are not fearful are the ones who will ignore the laws of physics and hurt someone. Fear can be a good emotion; it keeps some people rational if they know how to use it to their advantage.

    I'm sure you will remember which one is the brake. [​IMG]
  5. Kanchii

    Kanchii Songster

    I used to have driving dreams - er - nightmares, rather, when I first started driving. Lots of stuff where the brakes wouldn't work, especially.
  6. Lunachick

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    Mar 19, 2007
    Brick, NJ
    Quote:I had that dream last night. It's been over 30 years since school, I don't think it will ever go away. Frustrating......
  7. Oh..! Thanks everyone..! [​IMG] Driving nightmares had never even crossed my mind.......until NOW..! [​IMG]
    43 yrs. old - never, never wanted to drive a large chunk of metal at high speeds with people involved....still haven't moved yet because of this PHOBIA of driving.....I'm still trying to convince myself of the good that'll come out of driving....even went as far as taking the actual written test (after two yrs of having the book and actually summing up a total week's worth of two years of studying), and being proud of just missing by one question (allowed to miss six)......Thank you very much for the "heads up".....I be forwarned now ! Ha Ha Ha Ha !
    Really the thought is very gradually changing over to wanting to learn to drive, besides, we have to move this Spring 'cause my rent is going up and I hate living here.
    Phobia doesn't stop me from getting into a car driven by someone else, or even riding the public bus. [​IMG]

    My school nightmare has myself and my youngest daughter (she's quite young in this dream) and I'm trying to find her classroom and my classroom (in this dream I haven't finished my schooling yet, even though I graduated back in 1985) and the school is a mixture of all the schools all of my children have been enrolled in and all of the schools I've been enrolled in and then I can't find her classroom to pick her up after school ! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I hate having that nightmare.......It just means I haven't finished something in my life....but what is it? [​IMG]
  8. beak

    beak On vacation

    Dec 12, 2008
    Kiowa, Colorado
    I'm 50 and I still have nightmares about being back in the Army. The problem is in the nightmare I'm 50 and overweight just like in real life. We are in PT formation getting ready to go or our daily 4 mile run. Bad dream.

    It sounds like you are young and still living with your parents. All adolescents have very vivid dreams and nightmares. I sure had some doozies. I kind of miss them now. Used to have some good dreams too.
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  9. beak

    beak On vacation

    Dec 12, 2008
    Kiowa, Colorado
    Quote:I once hit a parked car because I did that. I'm the only person I know that hits parked cars (I have hit two in the 10 years I've been driving).

    I'm an insurance appraiser. You would be amazed at some of the stuff people do. Drive through their garage, stuff like that. What's even more amazing is they admit what they were doing before the accident that caused it.
  10. chicken_boy_Kurt

    chicken_boy_Kurt Songster

    Mar 20, 2008
    I guess I'm the only one who has weird nightmares. I had one where I randomly put my camera on a rock on the beach and it got sand in it and broke. And I have a reoccuring dream that I jump off the stairs at my old house and somehow make it to the bottom and then wake up right before I hit the ground. And then I had a dream that I had three times (I think) where everything was in a red hue, and there was a witch or something and I had to make a potion or something to save something and then in the end I was always facing the satyr guy from the movie Hercules... I'm soooooooooooooooo weird... *sigh* [​IMG]

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